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Learn With Nature: Fun Activities For Kids


Getting out in nature is a wonderful way for kids to learn! Today I am sharing great ways you can get your kids learning while you spend time outdoors. Each of the photos below links to a post about kids learning through nature!

Leaf Graph_General

Collect, sort, graph, and count leaves. Deceptively Educational did this with fall leaves, but it works all year round! This same site has a wonderful leaf bingo game!

With Spring coming, why not make a nature study of new leaves emerging – we did this one year with our Japanese Maple Tree!

Japanese Maple 01 April 2010

Did you know that nature is a great place to teach your kids math? From sorting to measuring to more physical math activities, this post will keep your kids happily learning!

make a nature collection

There is a lot for kids to see and do outside, and by handing them a camera you get to see their point of view while creating lots of conversation starters! I love seeing the world through my child’s perspective. The Educators’ Spin On It has great tips for taking a fun photo walk with your kids.

Nature can also be a great source of crafting inspiration! My kids enjoy gathering a box full of materials to create with at home.

gathering nature craft materials

Planet Smarty Pants wrote a great post about building with mud:

Building with Mud[4]

We don’t have icicles in California, but when we lived in Massachusetts, my kids loved using icicles as writing utensils:

painting with an icicle on construction paper

In warmer weather, painting with water is an equally engaging – and low mess – activity for kids.

Painting with water - a fun summer activity for kids

There is less nature in urban environments, but there are still plenty of opportunities for kids to explore and learn!

Learning about trees in an urban setting. From mamasmiles.com

Nature is also a wonderful place for kids to experience quiet, and to learn to live in the moment. How do you spend time in nature with your children?

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Nature feels a bit more like the enemy right now as I sit here sniffling with allergies and spent much of the weekend cooped up with a headache because of said allergies and pressure changes. Sigh, stupid allergies.

  2. Elisa | blissfulE

    Looking forward to having our backyard a bit less barren and a bit more full of nature! ]Lily painting on the glass is so adorable… need to get my kids doing that sometime soon.

    1. Painting with water is a great outdoor activity that I think your kids would love! I look forward to seeing your backyard transformation.

  3. Oh wow I hadn’t thought how awesome icicles would make as a “writing” tool, cool! I love taking my kids outdoors. Even the fresh air can be so mood-changing.

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