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Kiwi Crate Crafting Fun + Doodle Crate Review!

Kiwi Co Doodle Crate review. Learn all about this art themed subscription crate for kids.


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Doodle Crate Review

Eight-year-old Emma still talks about the KiwiCo Crate we reviewed last year, so she was very excited when I told her we would be reviewing one of KiwiCo’s Doodle Crates – creative kits designed for kids aged 9-16! She was thrilled to find two canvas bags, high-quality tulip brand fabric paints, yarn, and instructions on painting and making pom poms inside.


Emma followed the instructions and tips in the kits to create a very nice bag with a fun paint resist pattern (she peeled the tape off once the paint dried), and she learned new painting techniques in the process while also exploring colors. She is very excited that there was paint and yarn left over, and she is already planning her next project. The emphasis on creativity and technique building in these crates would make them a great addition to a homeschool art curriculum!


Six-year-old Johnny and five-year-old Lily were lucky enough to receive a fun castle-themed Kiwi Crate to try out. A full set of supplies for each of them was packed into a single crate. They were very excited to create their castle projects side by side instead of sharing.


All three kids had purposely saved their crates for our very brief grandparent visit. They loved having Grandma help them with their craft, and showing her and Grandpa their finished projects. The castle pieces are very sturdy, and should stand up to lots of play without any trouble.


Both Johnny and Lily were BIG fans of the catapult project included in their crate. I was impressed to see that it had a moveable pieces that allowed them to test angles as they shot their ping pong balls. It was a great STEM project for them!


Can you guess which of these shields belongs to Johnny and which one belongs to Lily? I love how much personality they put into this coloring activity!


I love that the original Kiwi Crate continues to be such a great activity crate for kids, and Emma really learned a lot through her Doodle Crate! I know my kids think that the science and engineering themed Tinker Crate looks pretty awesome, and I could see two-year-old Anna LOVING their new preschool-themed Koala Crates once she is a little bit older.

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  1. OMG these sound really cool! My mom is obsessed with koalas, and has given my son several of them. He has a small stuffed koala that laughs when you tickle it, a somewhat larger one, a beanie baby one named Mel, and a big stuffed one we named Irwin. I bet he’d love the Koala one, and my mom would probably get it for him, lol!

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    These kits look fun! I think the first shield is Johnny’s, and the second one is Lily’s?

  3. jeannine: waddleeahchaa

    That castle and catapult look like terrific learning fun! Love those kind of building and thinking projects.

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