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Kiwi Co Fire Lab Review: A Chemistry Themed Kit for Kids

I find that kids are fascinated by chemistry, but they rarely have access to interesting experiments. The Kiwi Co Fire Lab is changing that!

Kiwi Co Chemistry Crate review

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I loved chemistry as a kid, and my own children find it fascinating. So I welcomed the opportunity to review Kiwi Co’s new Chemistry crates. Our family has tried most of the Kiwi Co line of crates, and we consistently like them, although their Doodle Crates and Koala Crates are favorites in our house. Check out our Doodle Crate review! This summer we added the new chemistry crates to our favorites list!

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Our Kiwi Co Fire Lab Review

Review of the new Kiwi Co Fire Lab Chemistry crate. This one was my kids' favorite!

We received review copies of all three of the new Kiwi Co chemistry crates. Today I’m reviewing the Fire Lab; we’ll post reviews of the other two crates soon. The Fire Lab crate gets our first review because it was our favorite!

Kiwi Co Chemistry crates are recommended for ages 14 and above, and I do generally follow this company’s age recommendations. Emma loves Chemistry, though, and she is very safety conscious. So this was a good fit for her even though she is technically 12 years old.

A look at the new Kiwi Co Fire Chemistry crate

The crate comes with everything you need to explore the chemistry of combustion with your kids. From experiments that show how you can burn something without actually burning it (see the white cotton swab below) to color changing combustion chemistry, this kit fascinated all of my children.

Review of the new Kiwi Co Fire Crate.

My 12-year-old was able to complete all of the experiments on her own, under my supervision. The other kids (and their friends who were visiting) found the experiments spellbinding. It’s hard to capture these experiments in still photography, so I compiled a video of some of the experiments below.

There were several other experiments in the crate that I didn’t capture on film (supervising kids and all that). My kids and I all highly recommend this crate as an introduction to the chemistry of combustion for kids. The Kiwi Co Fire Lab crate is full of attention grabbing experiments that leave kids wanting to learn more about the science behind combustion.

Reviewing Kiwi Co's new Fire Lab - part of the Kiwi Co chemistry crate line. #STEMed

Have you tried any of the new Kiwi Co chemistry crates? What did you think? We would also love to hear if you’ve tried out the new Atlas crate line. Share opinions and feedback in the comments below, on my Facebook page, or by tagging me on Instagram

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  1. These look really cool. We went to a chemistry demonstration at the library a few years ago and it was the coolest thing ever to watch the different colors.

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