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The Kindness Elves Camp Kindness for Kids

My kids are loving the Kindness Elves Camp Kindness for kids! The camp ebook provides EVERYTHING you need. This means my two older kids can run the camp for my two younger kids., Perfect!

Kindness elves summer camp for kids.

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Do you remember our Kindness Elves? I wrote about them in this post about helping kids put kindness first. My kids are taking their summer focus on kindness to a new level thanks to the new kindness elves camp kindness!

The Kindness Elves Camp Kindness for Kids

Keeping kids focused on kindness all summer long with the kindness elves.

The Kindness Elves Camp Kindness comes as an ebook with everything you need to run a kindness camp for your kids. This camp is so well structured that 11-year-old Emma and 9-year-old Johnny are actually the ones running the camp. I printed out the ebook, bound it, and handed it over to them. They have done everything else!

How the Kindness Elves Camp Kindness Works

Kindness Elves Camp Kindness

Camp Kindness is a very playful camp, run by six different kinds of kindness elves:

  • The Story Tellers
  • The Potion Makers
  • The Nature Lovers
  • The Artists
  • The Wishmakers
  • The Recipe Makers

The camp is divided into themed weeks, although my kids enjoy skipping their way through the different themes rather than following the camp’s agenda week by week. There are five activities and five acts of kindness for each of the six themed weeks.

We only have the wish maker and nature lover elves in our house, but the kids are very happy to try all of the elves’ activities! Some of the activities are more obviously kindness centered than others, but they all promote a sense of gratitude and mindfulness of every day life that I love. the ebook is full of wonderful printables, from activity and acts of kindness cards you print and cut out to themed paper you can use to send custom messages from the Kindness Elves.

My four kids usually get along, but this camp has brought an entirely new level of collaboration, cooperation, and kindness to our home. I can’t recommend it enough!

Camp Kindness journals for kids.

The Kindness Elves Kindness Camp Scrapbook of Adventures

I love the focus on kindness that this camp is creating in our home. It’s also a great literacy activity, thanks to the Camp Kindness Scrapbook of Adventures! Here four-year-old Anna wrote and illustrated her record of our day out on a cruise ship.

Journaling as part of the kindness elves kindness camp.

We used this Sargent Art Composition book for our Kindness Elves Camp Kindness Scrapbook of Adventures. These Metallic Gel Pens make writing and illustrating extra fun! Sargent Art sent me these materials a while back, after I met them at Creativation. Sargent Art supplies are stunning – I don’t think I”ll ever be able to go back to “any old brand”. This was the perfect project to put these writing tools to use!

Are you enrolling your kids in the Kindness Elves Camp Kindness this summer? We highly recommend it! Leave any questions you have about the camp in the comments. Please share photos as well as suggestions and ideas on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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