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Kid Quotes–and yet another thing I thought I’d never say


One thing I love about parenting is that my kids make me laugh with all the things they say. Here are a few favorite kid quotes that I’ve heard recently. :)

Describing “Christopher”:
Lily (three years old): He is that tall [holds hands about eight inches apart] and he has teensy ears.
Johnny (four years old): Is he a baby?
Lily: Yeah. He is that tall [holds hands about four inches apart], and his ears are teensy.
Johnny: Is he a doll?
Lily: Yeah.

Emma (six years old), pointing at dark clouds in the sky:
Those are the clouds that pee all the time.

Playing with magnetic word strips:
Emma: This one says, “cute”. That should be Lily.
Lily walks in
Emma (holding out the “cute” word strip): This one says, “cute”.
Lily: That’s me!
Emma: Yes! You’re cute!

Emma, after hearing Anna (1 month) burp:
That’s louder than anyone in my class can burp!

Add this to the list of things I never thought I would say:
"It’s not safe for babies to eat kids."
Talking to Johnny (4) and Lily (3) about why they shouldn’t try to stick their fingers in Baby Anna’s mouth…

Anna’s hat was a present from Holly at Stitch/Craft – isn’t it gorgeous? Someday I will learn how to knit – and how to make perfect pom poms!

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

20 thoughts on “Kid Quotes–and yet another thing I thought I’d never say”

  1. Anna just gets more adorable by the minute!! How is that even possible???!! The pom-pom hat is perfect. Bliss…

    Love that Lily owns her “cute” identity. :) Your kids are so precious.

  2. I used to keep a list of things I never thought I’d say as a parent, but have gotten out of the habit.

    Well, take comfort in the fact that you may not be able to knit but you can make wonderful crocheted items :) My crocheting skills sadly languish at the I can mostly make a scarf………

  3. Hahahaha! Your quote made me laugh at loud – as did Emma’s about the peeing clouds. They will love hearing these things they have said when they are older.

  4. Usually I like your kid quotes, but this time, yours is my favorite! Anna is adorable in her hat! (and I just used the old wrap-yarn-around-your-fingers method for the pom-pom! The secret is to be ruthless in the trimming!)

  5. LOL! Those are really funny! I (almost) can’t wait for my LO to start talking just because of the funny things LOs say!

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