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Kid Quotes

Sunshine Lily

Emma: Mama, do you know what everyone has? Air and a heart!

At the dinner table:
Mike (to Emma): You look kind of like Mama!
Johnny (looking back and forth between me and Emma): No, they don’t! Because they are not wearing the same shirt and pants! That’s why they look different!

At lunch:
Johnny: My friend C brings chocolate pudding for snack every day. He even brought it today! I want to be that cool!

Emma: Dada, do you know what sounds like angry birds?
Dada: What?
Emma: Third graders, out at recess!

Discussing what the kids want drawn on their Notes from Dad, which Mike has been putting one jelly bean on each morning:
Johnny: For my card, I want you to draw you putting jelly beans on our cards.

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

21 thoughts on “Kid Quotes”

  1. She’s so adorable! and i love the way she think in a young age and she made me laugh about angry birds.

  2. Reading some kid’s conversation like this makes me smile. It is so amusing to find out what are they thinking, sometimes they thought they are already adults!

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    Love Emma’s summation “air and a heart”. :) Also the picture is wonderful. Lily is such a beautiful girl.

  4. Cute little Emma. Very smart kid. Well, that angry birds really made me laugh. Good funny thoughts she have. Great sense of humor in a young age.

  5. Oh bless them! If I had known chocolate pudding made you cool, I would have had it every day!

    I love how their minds think!

    Thanks for linking to Family Frolics. :)

  6. So cute! Having their dad draw a picture of himself putting jelly beans on a card sounds like one of those pictures that could go on forever… like a photo of someone holding a photo of their self holding a photo of their self holding a photo of their self…

  7. Smart kids you have. How lucky both the kids and the parents. I believe you live a happy life and a strong bond together.

  8. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa

    I wish I took the time to write down all of the funny and insightful things my children say. Someday I’ll wish I could go back and read all of them!

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