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Kid Quotes: Dragons Need Octopuses. Or Sharks.

Kid Quotes: Dragons need octopuses and other wisdom from young children.

Commentary by six-year-old Lily on the Puff the Magic Dragon verse about Jackie Paper growing up and the dragon being sad:
He needs an octopus or a shark to play with. They would be better anyway, because they speak his language. He’s a dragon!

Mike: I’m leaving for work.
Anna (three years old): No! Work is closed today.

Lily teaching Anna how to do a somersault:
Put your hands and your head down, then roll. Good! That’s a somersault! Some people will tell you that you should do them in summer, but that’s just a joke.

Emma (nine years old): California is going to fall into the ocean.
Johnny (seven years old): Is that bad?
Emma: I don’t know.

Emma: Someday I want a doll that I can name Optimization. I don’t know what it means, but it sounds like a great name for a doll.
She settled on giving her doll Diamond Optimization as a middle name.

Emma, to Johnny and Lily – who are arguing over whether or not a game they played at school in computer lab is fun:
Guys, it’s opinion! That means that one of you can think one thing, and the other person can think another thing!

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  1. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Love it! Optimization would be a good name for some sort of Halloween monster :)

  2. Fabulous quotes!!! Love the logic about octopuses and sharks being better able to communicate with the dragon, and Lily explaining the “summer” joke.

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