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Kid Quotes: Cruel Jackets

Fun kid quotes to make you smile.

Kid quotes are one of the many rewarding aspects of parenting. I love seeing the world through my children’s eyes, and the things they say brighten my day. I try to write down these moments – I miss many, but love the ones I have. My kids also love to go through and read things they said when they were small.

Anna (3 years old) is crying, but not in a way that makes me think she is truly suffering.
Me: What’s wrong?
Anna: Emma (9 years old) is being mean.
Me (surprised, because Emma is usually great with Anna): What is Emma doing that is mean?
Anna: She is wearing her jacket, and I don’t like that!

Anna, looking over the outfit she just put on:
This is not right. It is just not right.
She changed. Twice.

Johnny (8 years old), playing with two LEGO minifigures:
Minifigure 1: Look at my muscles! Aren’t they awesome?
Minifgure 2: What muscles are you talking about? Those aren’t your muscles.

Johnny is practicing piano, trying to play a piece from memory but missing about half the notes.
Me: I think you need to use the music. You are missing a lot of notes.
Johnny: No! I’m playing the song!
Me: It only counts as the song if you play the right notes.
Johnny: Some of the notes are right.

Anna, singing:
I like to be a silly girl, I like to be a silly girl. Silly girl, silly girl!

Emma (9 years old) is reading a word problem:
A shirt is on sale for $35 when it would normally cost $105.
Wow, I would buy that shirt!
Why stores have sales. Also, what kind of math book presents a $35 shirt as being a good deal?

Emma: Can we have candy? And/or some real food?

What fun things have your kids been saying lately?

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4 thoughts on “Kid Quotes: Cruel Jackets”

  1. Elisa | blissful E

    These are all priceless! Like you, I’m thinking the person who wrote the math book shops somewhere different than I do… And the mini figure muscles are cracking me up. :)

  2. Ha ha ha ha, maybe they’ve been shopping at Justice? I remember a few years ago my niece was into that store and having sticker shock at the prices of clothes there.

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