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Kid Quotes

kid quotes - the fun things kids say that make parents laugh and give us a window into their world. From mamasmiles.com

I love the fun things my kids say that make me laugh and give me a glimpse into the way their world works. Here are a few favorite recent kid quotes – hope you enjoy them as much as Mike and I do!


During winter break:
Mike (dad): Do you miss school?
Johnny (6 years old): I miss the homework.


John (6 years old): Dad, you know how to get married, right?
Mike: Yep. You just find someone you want to marry and then ask them if they want to marry you. If they say yes, then you can get married.
Emma (7 years old): Dad, how many people did you have to ask before you got mom?


Pretend play
John (6 years old): Baby Spit-Up Team is the awesomest team! The knights fell down, but Baby Spit-Up Team is winning!
If you hadn’t already guessed, the Baby Spit-Up Team conquers their foes by spitting up on them. It’s a highly effective strategy.


Talking to 18-month-old Anna, who is banging a wooden block loudly on the wood floor:
Emma (7 years old): Anna, what you are doing is not very pleasant to me. Can you please find something else to do?

What fun things have your kids said recently?

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

21 thoughts on “Kid Quotes”

  1. I love reading your kids’ quotes and I especially enjoyed Emma’s question to Mike!! Too cute!

  2. Aw MaryAnne these made me smile! And that’s great your little guy likes homework :)

    My eldest said this a few weeks ago but I still can’t get over it: “How come whenever we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, he doesn’t come?”

    As whacky as their phrases are, I don’t react or laugh any differently. I don’t want him to feel like people will make fun of him or make him not want to tell me anything anymore. But inside I’m laughing like crazy!

  3. 3 year old daughter: Grandma, run with me!
    Grandma: I can’t run. My knees are old.
    Daughter: (curious) Is your face old too?

  4. Natalie AfterschoolForSmartyPants

    So fun! I am sure my daughter is not missing homework – she took a ton of it to Germany with her :) I wonder how many girls Johnny will have to ask before he gets his wife :D

  5. This is so fun, MaryAnne! I’m glad you posted these to give me a smile, today. Recently my son told me it was a good thing I didn’t have both him and his brother in the same time, or I would have been really hungry. (I was explaining to him how mommies “feed” the babies through the umbilical cord.)

  6. How I love kid speak :) Just yesterday after my 2yo’s doctor’s appointment, she got out her doctor kit to check my heart. She took out her “skeptiscope” and put it on my shoulder, and said, “not happy ’nuff.” Then she kissed my cheek and checked again. “That better. Happy now.”

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