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Kid Paradise: Snow Fun!!!

playing in the snow - throwing snowballs!

We woke up to about six inches of snow Sunday morning – the perfect amount for kids to play!

playing in the snow - it's hard to pack powder!

Monday and Tuesday Mike went out with them for even more fun! They played until they were frozen on Monday, then agreed to dress more warmly on Tuesday so they could stay out even longer (before finally coming in frozen again!)

playing in the snow!

We often end up with too much snow for the kids to play in, but six inches of pure powder is perfect for running and playing!

playing in the snow - six inches was the perfect amount of snow!

I’m hoping for more of this kind of snow this winter – the kids have a blast, and they sleep really well afterwards!

Buttons for the silent handmade fleece coat for warmer snow play

Recognize this coat? Lily has apparently inherited her sister’s distaste for coats that make noise, but she let me put buttons on her coat at least! My sewing is slightly on the loop fastener covers, but it is perfectly functional and Lily is happy with it. She calls this her “color coat”. :)

I’m very grateful to whoever invented fleece for a (relatively) warm and (somewhat) water-repellent material that is silent to keep my noise-sensitive kids warm in the winter! We found a proper snow coat for Emma that she loves for $30 at Costco, even though it makes *a little bit* of noise. Thank you, Costco and Snozu!

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

14 thoughts on “Kid Paradise: Snow Fun!!!”

  1. I’m hoping for more snow too. None in the forecast yet. We just bought new sleds so there probably won’t be anymore snow! HA! Just kidding.

    I love the coat. My kids all have different clothing issues – they like what they like!!!

  2. I’m thinking playing in the snow is much easier when you have the proper winter wear. My kids lasted for spurts of about 15 minutes in a hoodie (sweatshirt material) and random borrowed gloves that were too big for them at our Christmas snow.

    And how cool she got to wear her sister’s coat!

  3. Is it the Velcro that they hate? Noisy coats … did not realize how true that is! Are zippers ok? We had fun sledding in the new snow too! My dog especially loves to go with the girls but my son hates the cold. He only went once for a short time. It’s funny how kids have such different tolerances for everything!!!

    1. I think the fabric is the issue – pretty much any waterproof fabric will make SOME noise. They also don’t like coats that feel super bulky or weigh a lot, but noise is their main issue. They don’t mind zippers.

  4. So cute!
    My son dislikes his jacket because it is too puffy but on extremely cold days like today he doesn’t complain!
    Costco, another thing I miss!

  5. I’m glad you found a coat for Emma! Snow is so fun. We only got a dusting here, but it was enough for Abby and Dave to play outside.

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