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Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Carving!


We have decorated pumpkins every year for Halloween, but this was the first year that we carved them! Pumpkin Masters kindly sent us some tools that made the process super easy – and I have a flash giveaway running for any US readers who would like to give them a go!

The kits we were sent had a bunch of templates for making cool designs. The kids opted out of picking any of those, but they did enjoy looking through the books for inspiration.


De-gunking pumpkins is always my least favorite part, but Emma actually thought this part was pretty cool. All three kids liked using the include pumpkin goop scoops.


Johnny and Lily thought the plastic eyes were super cool! They were both super pleased with their finished pumpkins, and even brought them to dinner! Lily shared her pizza with her pumpkin:


Emma’s pumpkin had leaves carved into it, but somehow I didn’t get a picture (still lone parenting here, and life is a *little* hectic) – and, with California’s warm weather, these guys were already moldy this morning. Luckily we have another pumpkin to carve for Halloween – and plenty of tools! I think we’ll try a surface decoration – no degunking, and looks pretty easy with the tools we were sent!



Do you have a tip for helping Jack O’ Lanterns last longer? I would love to hear it!


MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

26 thoughts on “Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Carving!”

  1. Weren’t the carvers the best in these kits? So much better than a knife. Kudos to Emma for scooping the stuffing out, I had to do that for my little guy, it grossed him out, lol

  2. Oh I’ve got to try that water and bleach spray tip. Our pumpkin last year shriveled up after a while. My only solution this year is to carve our pumpkins closer to Halloween, about a week before.

  3. Love the pictures! I am curious if Anna can manage an actual carving this year. I thought Emma’s pumpkin looks pretty good, and I can’t believe that Johnny already lost a tooth :)

    1. Johnny got his first tooth at four months, so it wasn’t a huge surprised. I was just relieved he didn’t lose any teeth before Emma, because she would not have liked that!

  4. Next time you carve the pumpkin just spray a liitle bleach and water in it. It will stop the mold from happening.

  5. Those pumpkins turned out so cute! I haven’t decorated pumpkins with my kids yet – I really need to do that as I have wonderful memories of making jack-o-lanterns as a kid but with our hot Octobers I would have the same rot issue here as you do. I’ll be watching the comments for any hints. I hope life gets a little less hectic and that you start seeing more of Mike again soon!

    1. One reader suggested a bleach and water solution – sounds promising! And someone else emailed suggesting coating the inside with vaseline, which I could also see working!

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