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Kid Friendly Activities in Massachusetts

Covered bridge at Old Sturbridge Village

We lived in Massachusetts for seven years before moving to California this past fall, and it was a wonderful place to live with kids! Today I want to share some of my favorite kid friendly activities in Massachusetts!

Fir trees in Massachusetts

Enjoy Nature

Massachusetts has incredible natural beauty! My kids always enjoyed wandering through Massachusetts woods, often while geocaching, even if we seldom found caches! We enjoyed being back in tree-filled Massachusetts on our trip!

Wingaersheek Beach in Massachusetts

Go to the Beach

This is something I did not do much while we lived in Massachusetts, but on our recent trip my sister joined the kids and I on an outing to Wingaersheek Beach, and it was a lot of fun! This particular beach is fantastic for little kids, because the water stays shallow for ages, and there are no waves. There are several nice tide pools to explore and rock formations to climb. The water is very cold. Several of the local lakes have small beaches on them with warmer water, and the kids and we did visit those while we lived in the area.

Old Sturbridge Village

Immerse Yourself in History

Massachusetts is full of history! We had a family pass to Old Sturbridge Village when we lived in Massachusetts, and visited often. It was one place the kids and I were super excited to visit again – and one of very few places where I can take the four kids all on my own (Mike was working our entire trip), stay there a full day, and leave with all of us having had a wonderful time and no meltdowns. Old Sturbridge Village is a living history site set in the 1830s with plenty of space for the kids to run around, interesting things to see, and an air-conditioned KidStory area where kids can play and cool down/calm down. Plimoth Plantation is an actual historical site that is also quite child-friendly, as is Walden Pond.

One month old calf at Old Sturbridge Village

Visit a Farm

Old Sturbridge Village includes farm animals, including the one in the photo above, but we also enjoyed visiting several modern-day working farms. There are usually fruit and berries to pick, fresh produce to purchase, and goats and chickens for the kids to feed. We really enjoyed a visit to Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary on our trip this year, all the more because we met up with my blog friends Cassie from 3 Dinosaurs and Giselle from Kids Yoga Stories there!

Massachusetts Splash Pad

City Fun for Kids

Boston has a lot of fun things for kids to do! Splash pads like the one above are spread throughout the local towns! Kids can even splash in the Frog Pond on the Boston Common, as well as visit the Make Way for Ducklings statue! Farmers Markets are often very kid-friendly places to visit in the city as well, with fun activities and samples.

Have you been to Boston? What are your favorite kid-friendly activities where you live?

MaryAnne lives in Silicon Valley with her Stanford professor husband Mike and their four children. She writes about parenting through education, creativity, and play. Mama Smiles - Joyful Parenting is a space to share crafts, hands on learning activities, and family outings that enrich lives and bring families together.

15 thoughts on “Kid Friendly Activities in Massachusetts”

  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    I haven’t been to Boston, but it’s on my list! These all look like wonderful activities, and I especially love the colourful splash pad picture. :)

  2. I have to add – please to come visit family-friendly Dedham Square in Dedham, MA and hop into my book & toy shop THE BLUE BUNNY. I am children’s book author and illustrator, Peter H. Reynolds. You may bump into me – I am never far from the shop. My studio is nearby!

  3. This photos are great MaryAnne! I especially love the one with the goat and bonnets and the rainbow splash one. I would love to go to Sturbridge again!

  4. There’s so much to do across the whole state of MA! June through October is fruit picking season in the state, with different fruits available at different times. It’s a great experience for kids to pick their own fruit and see where the fruit comes from.

    1. I’m so glad you added this comment! We loved picking fruit while we lived in Massachusetts, and used to go to your farm frequently! Such a wonderful, kid-friendly experience!

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