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Keeping Life Simple and a St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Saint Patrick's Day craft

I love this Saint Patrick’s Day craft Emma made during library craft time this week! I was especially intrigued by the way she used the tissue paper – I’ve never seen anyone else do that, and the other kids weren’t. Lily made one too, which is equally unique and wonderful:

Saint Patrick's Day craft

I think the green clouds are particularly appropriate for Saint Patrick’s Day! We celebrated the day very simply – Mike hid a couple gold coins for each kid, and they were thrilled to find them. :)

This was another sick week at our house, although Johnny didn’t get sick (yet, at least!) and the girls were only sick for a couple days apiece instead of 5 days or longer. Mike and I also stayed healthy. I have hope that our family may be developing some immunity after all!

We enjoyed three days of gorgeous weather, and I think we may enjoy more beautiful days next week! We were too busy playing outside on the gorgeous days, and too busy being sick the non-gorgeous days, so no exciting photos to share. Keeping life simple is my current mantra, and sometimes that means taking fewer photos, as much as I adore photography!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Love their St. Patrick’s Day crafts! We didn’t celebrate at all. I was going to do crafts and cook a fun meal but we ended up doing some projects around the house and didn’t have time!

  2. Our good weather seems to be visiting East Coast and MIA here. I am glad you are all getting healthier. Lovely rainbows too!

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