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Keeping Busy Indoors: The School Bag


The School Bag is one of my secret weapons for too-cold-to-play-outside days, and I’ve had to pull it out a lot lately! Fortunately it holds its charm well!

The bag consists of a few dry-erase place mats for practicing addition (number writing for my kids) and handwriting, as well as workbooks and flash cards. All three kids love to take the bag, pick an activity, and “play school”. I don’t check their work or supervise them, but both Johnny and Emma have learned to write their letters from the school bag, and it consistently keeps them busy for at least half an hour – giving me time to start dinner, fold laundry, or even blog! =)

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

7 thoughts on “Keeping Busy Indoors: The School Bag”

  1. This is a wonderful idea as always Mary Anne! Again, I can’t believe little Lily just sitting there holding that writing utensil concentrating. I’ll say it again, Jesse would be eating it:-) and then ripping up his siblings papers. I know this because he did it just this morning with a crayon and Joe’s handwriting practice. All in all though he’s doing great being awake during our school time.

  2. This is awesome. Apparently my daughter is the only one who has very little interest in playing school :)

  3. Elisa | blissfulE

    Look at Lily holding a pen!

    When I read this, I saw you as The Cat in the Hat: “I know some good games we can play… they will give you some fun on this cold cold wet day!”

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