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Johnny Escapades

caught in the act

In addition to the above photo, last month Johnny…

  • Removed the nuts from all of the bolts holding Lily’s baby swing together. Guess I don’t need to worry about his fine motor skills.
  • Climbed into Lily’s baby swing while Lily was in it (all nuts and bolts were in place). So much for thinking that the baby swing would buy me time to cook dinner.
  • Pulled out all the baby wipes – every time I left the wipes container within his reach. And a couple of times when I thought it was out of his reach.
  • Climbed from a chair onto the kitchen table to get my white board marker, then proceeded to decorate the wall directly below the white board. Thankfully I got it off the wall, thanks to my trusty magic eraser.
  • Cuddled with me, Mike, Emma and Lily.
  • Showered everyone with hugs and kisses.

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

9 thoughts on “Johnny Escapades”

  1. I just found your new website! I wondered where you’d gone to :)

    Johnny and Ingrid do sound a lot alike! She got into both wipes containers one day–both were put up on high shelves. She used the low shelves to climb up to the high shelves. *sigh* Curious kids are a blessing and a curse.

  2. LOL! I remember my daughter always emptying the wipes container! Then she graduated onto using the wipes to clean her babies, the house, etc. Finally, we are able to have them out on the bathroom counter and she is 5!

  3. This is hilarious! We have the wipes problems too. I need to start posting this stuff from our house too:-).

    LOVE this post!

  4. So Funny. We are just now able to put our toilet paper on the holder otherwise my little man would unroll it. He is now 3 1/2.

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