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Jelly Belly Factory Tour and More California Fun for Kids

Did you know that you can tour the Jelly Belly Factory for free? They even give you free samples! Check out this must-do experience, as well as more California fun for kids. You might also enjoy this collection of California facts for kids.

The Jelly Belly factory tour is free and great fun for kids! A must-do for families in California. Be sure to check out the other recommended activities as well.

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Jelly Belly Factory Tour Review

Growing up, my parents would sometimes buy a big container of Jelly Belly beans. They’d ask all the kids to guess how many. One particular brother nearly always won the estimate game, but we all enjoyed the candy. We spent hours trading flavors and savoring the different flavors. This tradition was repeated at our family reunion this summer, so my kids were super excited when we stopped by the factory for a tour!

Jelly Belly candies in their molds at the Jelly Belly factor tour

Anyone can tour the Jelly Belly factory for free. Just check their website for visiting hours before you go. We recommend picking a day when they will be making candy, so you can see the machines in action. You get to see every step of the process, from jelly beans being poured into molds…

Jelly belly factory tour

…to jelly beans tossing in drums.

Learning about candy making at the jelly belly factory tour

This red syrup was added to the drums above to create the red candies you see tumbling in the photo below.

Jelly Belly candies receiving their colored candy coating at the Jelly Belly factory tour

One thing we noticed is that Jelly Belly beans get a lot of tumbling!

Jelly Belly factory tour - candy making

The factory is full of cool candy-making robots.

Robots and candy making at the Jelly Belly factory tour

The Jelly Belly company loves finding great candy making machines! Check out some of their great finds:

Different candy making machines at the jelly belly factory tour

Jelly Belly beans are known for their distinctive flavors. Different smelling stations in the hallway allow you guess different flavors based on the way they look and smell.

Guessing jelly bean flavors by smell at the Jelly Belly Factory tour

Do you recognize these yellow jelly beans? I didn’t like buttered popcorn as a kid, but I’m slightly more fond of them as an adult.

My favorite part was seeing this Jelly Belly art. Pretty incredible!

Candy corn molds at the Jelly Belly Factory Tour

The Jelly Belly company makes lots of other candies, and you get to see their molds as well. A fun and educational FREE experience for the entire family!

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Have you toured the Jelly Belly factory?What is your favorit Jelly Belly flavor? I’m partial to chocolate pudding and watermelon – did you know that the outside of watermelon is green and the inside is red? Our family has barely scratched the surface of things to do in California with kids. What should we see next? Share ideas in the comments below, or on my Facebook page. You can also tag me on Instagram. 

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    I would love to go to the Jelly Belly museum.
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