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Jack O’ Lantern mask from a paper plate

Make a cute pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern mask using a paper plate. It’s a fun and easy Halloween craft for kids.

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Halloween jack o'lantern mask craft

This cute Jack O’ Lantern mask is a cute, simple craft that is perfect for Halloween!

Jack O’Lantern Paper Plate Craft for Halloween

This is a super simple Halloween craft!

  1. Paint a paper plate orange (we cut out the eyes and mouth first, but you could do this after painting if you are willing to let the paint dry and don’t use paint that cracks easily)
  2. Color a rectangular piece of paper green to make a stem
  3. Add ties to the side to turn it into a mask.
  4. Wear your mask!

This is also an opportunity for preschoolers to practice colors and shapes.

Johnny demonstrates wearing the pumpkin mask upside down to make a "frowny face"

My son’s favorite feature? The mask could be worn upside down to “make a frowny face”, and you could still (sort of) see!

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  1. Cute craft! Anna came home literally covered in glitter glue – apparently Halloween crafting is going full speed.

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