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Introduce Your Child to Flying – for Free!

Did you know that there is a shortage of pilots right now? If you have a child who is interested in flying as a career, you’ll want to learn about this program that will introduce your child to flying. For free!

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free flight with young eagles

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fly free with a private pilot

A Fun, Free Way to Introduce Your Child to Flying

My three older children recently joined the more than 2 million young people who have enjoyed a free flight in a small plane through the Young Eagles program. My oldest daughter has even continued on with flying lessons!

young eagles first flight for kids

Designed to inspire children to explore the world of aviation, pilots volunteer their time and their planes to take children on short, free flights.

free single engine flight for kids

Any child between the ages of 8 and 17 can participate in this program, so long as there is a flight or volunteer pilot in your area.

Young Eagles flying program

What Does a Young Eagles Flight Look Like?

Even if your child has flown on a commercial jet, this is an entirely new experience.

small plane flight experience for kids

They get to fly close to the ground.

small plane flight for kids

They get to look at an aeronautical chart, and the pilot identifies reference points as they fly.

first flight with Young Eagles

Children on these flights also get to participate in the pre-flight inspection.

cool introduction to flying for kidws

Since they are flying on a small plane, they also get to experience wearing in flight headsets, and they hear radio tower chatter as they fly.

young eagles flying program for kids

Flying is more accessible now than ever before! Because of the pilot shortage, there are scholarships and programs you can use to help fund a pilot’s license.

Have your tried this fun free flight introduction program with your kids? What did you think? Do you know of other aviation resources that I should share in this post? What other ways would you introduce your children to flying?

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