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Instant Glitter Play Dough

Turn any play dough into glitter play dough!

Did you know that you can easily turn any play dough into glitter play dough? This is one of those activities that is so simple that the blog post is more a reminder that you can DO this, rather than instructions! We were inspired to do it after Craft Project Ideas sent us a box with the purple glitter and pipe cleaners and googly eyes I used in this post!

Super Easy DIY Glitter Play Dough

All you need to make glitter play dough is some play dough (we made ours using this play dough recipe and tutorial) and glitter. If you do make your own play dough, make sure it is cool before adding the glitter unless you are sure your glitter is made out of metal instead of plastic. I know some people like to heat their play dough in the microwave before giving it to their kids to play with, but you can’t do this with play dough that has glitter in it. The plastic glitter will melt and the metallic glitter will ruin your microwave. If you are just getting started with play dough and are scared to make it yourself, I recommend Play-Doh brand – this is a fun set that comes with some tools your kids will enjoy*.

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making glitter play dough

Once you have your play dough and glitter out, pour the play dough into the center (see photo at top of post) and then fold over. Your kids can do this, and it’s great for building muscles they need to play and draw and write.

DIY glitter play dough

Knead the play dough by folding it over and over until you have the glitter spread pretty evenly throughout the dough. Now it’s time to play!

toddler play dough fun

While I prefer Play-Doh brand dough (unless you make it yourself, which in my opinion is the best), my kids really enjoy these wooden Melissa and Doug play dough tools*. But you don’t need special tools – anything you happen to have around the house will do! forks and knives, cookie cutters, and even wooden blocks make great play dough tools! We didn’t pull out any tools the day I took these photos; Anna used the pipe cleaners to make play dough flowers, and she stuck googly eyes on to make little play dough creatures.

building coordination and pretend play fun with play dough

Have you ever made glitter play dough? What are your favorite ways to play with play dough with your kids?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. Glitter drives me nuts but my kids love it. I am glad it’s contained in the play dough here! I hate it when it gets into everything; it’s so hard to get out!

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