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Inspire Creativity with this Easy DIY Stuffed Animal Collar

This DIY stuffed animal collar is easy and fun for kids to make. Try it this summer – or this weekend!

Super cute and easy DIY stuffed animal collar for kids to make

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Kids love having accessories for their toys. I appreciate the storytelling that accessories can inspire, and the ways they bring toys to life. Because of this, I’m happy to invest in accessory-heavy toys, like Playmobil sets. Wherever possible, though, I encourage my kids to make their own accessories for their toys. Besides saving money, this gets the kids thinking creatively about design. It’s an excellent STEM and STEAM project children can enjoy at home!

Creative Fun for Kids: Easy DIY Stuffed Animal Collar

Back when Rainbow Looms were all the rage, my kids fell in love with the monster tail loom. The monster tail loom is small and therefore highly portable. The resulting monster tail is a nice, stretchy rope – perfect for this DIY stuffed animal collar ten-year-old Emma made for her stuffed dog.

Love this easy DIY stuffed animal collar craft for kids. It's a great way to use up all those loom bands I have lying around the house, too!

The dog name tag is made out of polymer clay. She used the pointy tool from this kit to write the name, but a toothpick would work just as well. We use a lot of polymer clay, so for us it makes sense to invest in some tools. If you are only going to buy one polymer clay tool, I recommend getting an acrylic roller. Acrylic rollers are great for conditioning the clay. Remember, polymer clay is an art medium designed for adults, not children. It should only be used with supervision. An eye pin was baked into the dog tag, which was then tied to the collar using a bit of embroidery floss.

Looking for another cute stuffed animal accessory? Try these super animal capes! They are easy to make, and don’t require any sewing.

Do your kids enjoy making accessories for their stuffed animals? Do you have a tutorial for my kids to check out?

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