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Innovation-Focused Summer Fun for Kids

Innovative summer fun for kids - four different themed sets of activities for kids to enjoy this summer!

Summer a wonderful time for kids to learn through creative exploration and play! Camp Galileo is a popular local camp that offers innovation-focused summer fun for kids kids. Since many of my readers don’t live in California I thought that I would share some Camp Galileo inspired ideas so that you can create your own innovation focused summer camp at home!

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Innovation-Focused Summer Fun for Kids

Camp Galileo has four fresh themes for 2016 to inspire innovation-focused summer fun: Space-tacular, Eat Your Heart Out, Fashion Fanatic, and Mistakes are Marvelous. I have some activities to go with each theme!


The string of LED lights in this Cardboard Space Shuttle bring it to life for all sorts of exciting space exploration! Here are a few books to go along with all that play:

Kids will also enjoy making this cute paper space shuttle.

Eat Your Heart Out

Make pizza or even a very simple dinner kids can cook! Pretend Soup is my favorite cookbook for kids. The Cookbook for Kids is great for older kids. Plan a day out, and have your kid pack the picnic! My kids often use this lunch ideas printable to pack their lunches during school vacation (as well as on school days).

Fashion Fanatic

Younger kids will love this felt fashion bear! Challenge kids to design outfits for their dolls and even tiny plastic animals. Remember, you can make no-sew doll clothes! My kids have enjoyed sewing bags for themselves as well as bags for their dolls. Simple patchwork quilts are fun to design and can be sewn by older kids. Give your kid some old clothes and challenge them to use them to design something new. Their creativity may surprise you. Have them sew this simple giraffe stuffie. There are some great sewing books for kids out there! Here are a few favorites:

Mistakes are Marvelous

Start this week off by reading Beautiful Oops, followed by The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes. Throughout the week, any time someone makes a mistake respond with “How fascinating!” – and then creatively explore the mistake. The creative writing projects in Rip the Page are also a great fit for this theme.

Fun summer ideas for kids. This post is full of awesome ideas for creative learning all summer long.

What activities would you add to these lists? This Pinterest board has some great ideas!

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MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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