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Hyde Park London With Kids: Travelogue Week 6

Visiting London’s Hyde Park with Kids? There are plenty of fun ways to spend your time. Learn about visiting the London Harry Potter Studio, too!

Feeding parakeets in Hyde Park London

Hyde Park London With Kids: Travelogue Week 6

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23 July: Hyde Park, All Day

I wrote last week that the kids loved Hyde Park. That’s really an understatement. We spent this entire day in Hyde Park, wandering from the playground to the parakeets to the fountain, then back to the parakeets on the way home. One of Mike’s Scotland students met up with us at the park (Mike was working), and it was fun to see him.

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We never walked the entire Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Walk, but the kids enjoyed finding markers throughout the park.

Walking the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk in Hyde Park London

24 July: Hyde Park and Harry Potter Studio Tour

We spent the morning at Hyde Park, adding in one merry-go-round ride per kid (you have to pay 2.50GBP per child per ride) to our usual fountain-parakeets-playground agenda. The Harry Potter Studio Tour has timed entries to prevent over crowding, and our tickets were for 4:30pm. Mike was busy giving a talk in the morning, anyway. The kids were happy to tour the parakeets, fountain, and playground at Hyde Park one last time.

Visiting the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio in London

We met up with Mike after lunch, and took two tube lines and a train and then a shuttle bus to get to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the studio tour, but it was fantastic! We highly recommend a visit if you’re in town. I have another post coming up where I will go into more detail as to why it’s worth the time and money to visit.

25 July: Fly Home

We went to the airport and flew home. Once again, nobody slept, but they were well-behaved. Thank goodness for lots of practice taking kids on long flights!

26 July: Jetlag

The kids celebrated jetlag by waking up at 3:30am. Thankfully they have not repeated that particular trick, although they are still waking up earlier than usual. I’m happy to report that we are settling back into life at home, with thousands of wonderful memories from a truly amazing summer.

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  1. Oh my, 3:30 AM! That’s painful!

    I can’t wait to read about the Harry Potter museum, we are going to Universal Studios Florida in September, so I’m in super Harry Potter mode.

  2. “The kids celebrated jetlag by waking up at 3:30am.” Ouch! Glad to hear that hasn’t recurred. Hope you are all getting the rest you need whilst savouring the wonderful holiday you had together.

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