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How to Make Cut Off Jean Shorts

Learn how to take your old jeans and make cut off jean shorts, either with a cuff or with a fringe or frayed edge. Sewing optional.

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how to make cut off jean shorts

Taking old jeans and cutting them off to make shorts is one of my favorite summer upcycle crafts! This is also a great way to get a little more use out of jeans that have holes in the knees or are too short for a child but not too small width wise.

How to Cut Off Jeans to Make Shorts

ow to cut jeans into shorts with fringe

There are several different techniques you can use to make jean shorts. I’ll go over three in this post!

Can You Just Cut Off Jeans?

how to make cut off jeans fray

The short answer is yes!

Will Cut Off Jeans Fray?

If the jeans you cut off are like the pair above, which has quite a bit of stretch, you’ll get exactly what you see above.

If your jeans are more traditional, and have no stretch, they will fray unless you finish with a line of stitching.

How to Finish Cut Off Jeans

If you want to make cut off jeans that fray, just wash your jeans over and over.

If you want your jean shorts to have a fringe, make small cuts, stitch a line above, and then wash several times.

how to cut off jeans to make shorts

For cuffed jeans, fold over twice. You CAN just leave it, but I recommend stitching at the seams on either side to keep the cuff in place as you wash.

cut off jean shorts tutorial

Please share photos if you use this tutorial to make your own cut off jean shorts!

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