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How to Make a Felt Crown

Inspire hours of pretend play with this simple felt crown. It’s easy to sew!

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It’s Halloween week, and at our house we are spending our after school time finishing up some last-minute costumes! I made this felt crown for Johnny first, because it is the simplest of my projects! It goes with his King costume.

How to make a Felt Crown


Making a felt crown is easy! Start with a length of felt that is twice as tall as you want your crown to be, and as long as the circumference of the wearer’s head, plus and inch for a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

Stitch any decorations (we made three felt “jewels”) in place. Be sure to leave space for trimming your crown at the top – we put ours a little closer than I will next time! If you are making a crown like ours, you will want the decorations to be in the top half of the length of fabric, and towards the center.


Stitch the crown into a loop, with right sides together.

Fold with wrong sides together, and stitch along the fold line. This is the lower edge of the crown.

If hand sewing: Stitch the outline of the top of your crown, then trim fabric edges to within 1/4 inch of stitching line.

If machine sewing: Trim crown to your desired shape, then stitch those edges together. You have finished your crown!

Give the crown to your king/queen/prince/princess! They may take their royal duties very seriously!


Are you making Halloween costumes this year?

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28 thoughts on “How to Make a Felt Crown”

  1. Super cute! I bet it’s nice having Mike back. We did Silly Putty (but called it Goo) for Halloween. We had a lot of fun. J’s Capt Hook this year (store bought). He requested John to be Smee, which we ended up creating with help from Pinterest. We got a plain white shirt and stenciled on teal/turqoise stripes and found a red hat which we put stuffing coming out as sideburns. I’ll post a picture later in the week on Nerdy Science.

    A few years ago, John and I went as cookies and milk. Those were fun costumes to make.

    1. Cookies and milk would be really fun!

      Your costumes sound great! I saw your goo thing and wanted to take the kids, but life was just too hectic Saturday. Hopefully things will calm down here soon!

  2. Johnny looks so serious in his crown. Good luck with the rest of the outfits. In our house my husband is in charge of crown making – Anna gets a new one for her birthday every year :)

  3. It looks great – I love that photo of Johnny! I hope it’s a great Halloween in your new neighborhood!

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