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How to Make a Carved Sign with Dremel

Learn how to make a carved sign with the new cordless Dremel 8240. We received this rotary tool for free; all other supplies were purchased and all opinions are our own.

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How to Make a Sign with Dremel

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Dremel Carved Sign DIY Tutorial

This carved sign is easy even for a beginner like myself!

Materials for Making a Sign

  • Dremel 8240 cordless drill. You can use any Dremel brant rotary accessories and attachments with this drill. I used the grit sanding band and mandrel that came with this particular drill.
  • A sheet of MDF Wood Chipboard. You could use regular wood, but MDF chipboard is easy to work with. The 1/4″ thick MDF board, I used worked well.
  • Safety goggles.

You can also wear something like a KN95 mask if you want to protect from any dust. I also opted to work outdoors, and would recommend that if possible.

How to Make a Sign with the Dremel 8240

Making this sign was easy! First, I sketched out the word “Family” with a pencil.

Make a sign at home

I attached the sanding band, and started to go over the letters.

Dremel carving sign

I’m a complete newbie at this type of thing, and I didn’t follow my writing exactly.

Carve a sign with Dremel

I went back over the letters a few times to get the depth I wanted.

Handmade family sign

You can see here that I made a few mistakes. The “m” is probably the least perfect letter.

But it looks fine, and I’m happy with the final product, particularly as a first go with this type of crafting.

DIY carved family sign

I think I want to paint it, but I’m not sure how. Any recommendations?

Have you tried using the cordless Dremel 8240? I loved the cordless feature, and found it easy to use – even as a beginner.

Please share photos if you use this tutorial to make a sign!

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  1. Personally, I would choose a small bottle of acrylic paint from your local craft store, a rag and some water to thin the paint down so it is more fluid. Acrylic is my personal fav medium

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I have some acrylic paint but couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Your rag and water idea sounds like the perfect solution.

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