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Hot Glue Craft: DIY Pencil Holder for an Organized Back to School Desk

This DIY pencil holder is a fun and easy back to school hot glue craft. Use it to organize all of your pens, pencils, and markers. You might also enjoy these hot glue projects for kids and these hot glue earrings. This project also pairs nicely with these DIY vinyl covered notebooks.

pen stand craft tutorial

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Craft Your Own Pen and Pencil Stand Using Hot Glue

My kids love finding new accessories for a new school year, but making them is even better!

This year we used a hot glue pen that Dremel kindly gave us to try out and some wicker samples we picked up at FabMo to make this pen/pencil/marker bin. FabMo is a local organization that rescues designer materials for creative reuse. It’s one of our favorite places to visit! It’s run entirely by volunteers, but they do sell some of their stuff on eBay to pay to run the organization.

DIY Pencil Block Tutorial

Dremel hot glue gun craft

We used wicker samples, but you can use any type of flat, square or rectangular material to make this craft. I think coasters would be fun, for example! It will be easier to make this work with lighter weight materials. You can use any glue gun, but this Dremel glue pen is nice because it is cordless and it heats up in a mere 15 seconds.

hot glue crafting for back to school

Build your pencil/marker/pen stand one wall at a time. It helps to give a minute or two for the glue on one side to set before moving on to the next side.

hot glue back to school craft

Try to keep the glue stream even so you don’t get clumping like I did on the bottom of the photo below…

diy pen or pencil or marker stand

Now it’s time to add your writing utensils!

hot glue craft back to school organizer

Place your completed marker storage (or pen and pencil storage) bin wherever you like. We recommend your desk.

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Do you have a fun back to school craft to share? We would also love to see photos of any DIY pencil holders you use making this tutorial!

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