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History Field Trip Ideas

Bring the past into the present with these hands on history field trip ideas. Seeing actual historic sites, and especially living history sites, really brings the past to life.

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history field trip ideas

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History Field Trip Ideas

Field trips offer an amazing opportunity to teach children about history. This post features field trips that inspired my children to learn more about history. I especially recommend visiting living history sites if you are able, since they specifically work to immerse children into a particular point in time.

history field trips for kids

What to Look for in a History Field Trip

Anything from an art museum to a living history site counts as a history field trip! Here are a few things to look or plan for to make the most of the trip:

Play to Children’s Interests

As you start exploring history field trips, look for elements that will appeal to your children’s existing interests. Visiting a castle? You can focus on architecture, defense mechanisms, or even fashion! Avoid crowded exhibits with a child who gets easily overstimulated, and don’t try to take a child who really needs to run some energy off into an art museum.

Bring Snacks

Make sure you child is well fed as you visit historic sites. Try to also choose outfits wisely so that they are neither too hot nor too cold.

Make the Most of Opportunities to Have Fun!

More and more historic sites build in ways to make history genuinely fun. Look for hands on learning activities. Watch reenactments.

use field trips to bring history to life

Extend the Learning

Check out library books and movies once you return home to extend the learning. Include both historical fiction and non fiction books and movies.

History Field Trips for Kids

Field trips offer powerful ways to bring history to life for children.

What are your favorite history field trip ideas that we should add to this list? What are your top tips for having fun while there, and extending the learning once you return home?

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  1. Those snacks are so very important.
    When the kids were younger and we went to art museums or similar places, we made a point to have the kids run around a bunch before going in so they got some of their energy out ahead of time.

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