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History Activities for Kids

Our favorites history activities for kids. Fun hands on ideas to teach children to appreciate the past. Activities for home and field trip ideas.

Hands on history activities for kids

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History Activities for Kids

I thought that I detested history as a kid, but it was actually the way it was taught that I hated. I found actual history fascinating, reading more historical fiction than any other genre. Some time in graduate school I finally realized that it was the teaching that was the problem, not the subject.

Homeschool history ideas

Today I’ve collected some of my favorite hands on history activities for kids. I created the post with homeschoolers in mind, but these activities also work well for at home summer camps and after school enrichment.

Hands On History Ideas to Try at Home

There are some fantastic ways to bring history to life from the comfort of your own home! Here are some that my children love.

Hands On History Field Trips for Kids

Field trips offer an amazing opportunity to teach children about history. Here are some field trips that inspired my children to learn more about history. I especially recommend visiting living history sites if you are able, since they specifically work to immerse children into a particular point in time.

California gold rush history

Click to discover more history field trip ideas.

Reading About History Is Hands On Too

The idea of reading about history feels a little bit counter intuitive, but it’s still true. Books allow children to experience history at their own pace. Historical fiction books allow children to place themselves in another person’s shoes as a particular point in history.

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More Hands On Learning Ideas for Kids

Today’s post is day 8 in a 10 day series featuring hands on learning activities for kids. Click on the image below to follow along with the entire series.

hands-on learning activities for kids

What are your favorite hands on history activities for kids?

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