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WriteShop2 High School Writing Curriculum Review

Looking for an all-in-one homeschool writing curriculum? Check out this review of WriteShop2, a high school level writing curriculum.

WriteShop2 High School Writing Curriculum Review

Disclosure: I’m a member of Timberdoodle’s blogger review team, and they sent me this product to review. I did not request or receive any other compensation, and all opinions are my own.

Our Review of the WriteShop2 Writing Curriculum

This summer, Timberdoodle sent us a copy of the WriteShop2 Writing curriculum to review. This all-in-one writing curriculum is part of their non-religious 11th grade curriculum kit, but there is flexibility in terms of who you use this for. We are using this curriculum for my 8th grade daughter and 9th grade son, both of whom are strong readers and writers.

Middle school homeschool writing curriculum

The curriculum offers a wide range of activities and exercises. My 13-year-old daughter loved this exaggeration worksheet. I was also thrilled to find this opportunity to inject a little humor. Laughter makes everything better.

teach writing at home

Note: we were flipping through the book and choosing exercises at random, and we didn’t notice that there was a reading selection for this particular exercise. So we just used our imagination, which was delightful, but also explains why this might look different from yours if you use the same curriculum.

grammar homeschool lesson

WriteShop Homeschool Curriculum Review

The curriculum also includes traditional grammar and vocabulary exercises, like the grammar exercise above.

What Do We Like About This Writing Curriculum?

We like the range of exercises in this book, especially the variety. My children love having different types of exercises in their homeschool curricula. We also like that, while the course isn’t designed to be flipped through, you can flip through it and it works. This makes it easy to focus on problem areas, or to reward students on a rough day with a funner activity.

What Would We Change?

Over all, WriteShop2 is a solid curriculum. I do think it would work for 11th grade students as Timberdoodle recommends. It also works fine for advanced middle school and earlier high school students who enjoy reading and writing.

My kids would have enjoyed a more playful curriculum. They really miss the colorfulness of earlier grade books, and I don’t really understand why we eliminate that as students grow older. There are studies showing that color can help you learn, and I am all for keeping learning fun.

The language in this book is all very academic. This will appeal to some parents, while others might want simpler to read instructions to guide activities.

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