Three Simple Ways Children Can Help with Conservation

Empower children to keep the world beautiful by sharing these simple ways children can help with conservation efforts.

Empower children to keep the world beautiful by sharing these simple ways children can help with conservation efforts.

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Simple Ways Children Can Help with Conservation

Teaching children about conservation is an excellent way to teach them to value what they have, and to look after those things. Conservation has been a big topic in our family these past few years due to a drought in California.

A couple years ago I wrote a post about how kids can celebrate earth day all year round. Today’s post focuses on three simple ways children can help with conservation.

Teach Children to Love the World

Getting out in nature is a wonderful way to teach children to love and care for the world. Picture books are also wonderful resources. I wrote this post to go along with the book, Over In the Meadow, which gets kids thinking about all of the animals we share the world with. I also asked a marine biologist friend to recommend a few books. Here are a few of her favorites:

I found copies of all three books, and my kids and I second my friend’s recommendations! Do you have a book to add to this list?


Recycling is a very easy way to get kids to help with conservation. We live in an area where you can recycle or compost nearly everything, but laws and availability varies by location. If you live in an area where composting is a challenge, give my urban composting a try!

The Easiest Way to Help with Conservation? Don’t Buy Things You Don’t Need

Simple ways children can help the world.

Every time we buy something, we collect packaging as well as clutter in our homes. Teach children to avoid buying things they don’t need and won’t use for more than a few minutes. Encourage them to get creative with clothes too old to donate and other materials that are headed to the trash instead.

How are you teaching your children about conservation?

Storybook Science

Today’s post is part of the Storybook Science series hosted by my friend Trisha. You can find more fascinating scientific activities inspired by children’s books here:

Do you have a great conservation themed book or activity you think we will enjoy? Please share any ideas you have about how children can help with conservation on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram

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7 thoughts on “Three Simple Ways Children Can Help with Conservation”

  1. These are excellent ways we can help with conservation. I agree that teaching our kids to love the world will help them want to protect it. Learning about food webs and how we are all connected is definitely part of conservation.

  2. My kids are so used to living in drought that they got used to conserving water, now that Texas is finally not in a drought it’s a weird feeling.

    We use old clothes for stuffing stuff.

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