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How to Help Children Develop Leadership Skills {Raising Leaders}

As parents, we want the most for our children. With more and more skilled jobs becoming automated, it is more important than ever that our children have strong leadership skills in order to succeed in the workplace. Today I am sharing some great ways to help children develop leadership skills.

5 simple ways to help kids develop leadership skills.

5 Ways to Help Children Develop Leadership Skills

Our kids need leadership skills. We need a new generation of leaders to continue the innovation, problem-solving and social good that we are seeing today. Here are some great ways to teach leadership skills today.

Teach Kids to Work Hard

Leaders work hard, and they are not afraid of hard work. Give kids opportunities – from chores at home to school work to community service – to reach out and work to help others. Children respond opportunities that make them feel both needed and appreciated.

Doing chores and other types of hard work helps kids develop leadership skills.

Teach Kids to Take Risks

Leaders are willing to take risks. They understand that risks are a necessary component of progress. Teach your children to take risks by taking risks yourself, and embracing personal challenges.

Teach Kids to Fail

It’s inevitable that you will sometimes fail when you take risks. Teach your children that it is okay to fail. Failing is part of life. Teach your kids to acknowledge their failures, and to see them as opportunities for learning and growth. You can do this by showing empathy when they are sad about failing. Listen to your children as they talk about difficult failures. Over time, with an empathetic listening parent, children talk their way to the silver lining of the experience. Sharing personal stories about your own failures shows kids that everyone makes mistakes. Personal stories provide evidence that failure is an opportunity for improvement.

Teach Kids to Speak Up

Leaders have the courage to speak up when they see something happening that needs to be changed or fixed. As someone who hates confrontation, this is a skill I have personally had to work hard to develop. It’s okay if you have to work hard on leadership skills yourself. Just be open with your kids about your own shortcomings, and make sure they know that you know it is something you need to improve on. Remember, leaders take risks.

Kids develop leadership skills by helping others

Teach Kids to Help Others

A leader knows that they are only as successful as those around them. Help your children find ways to help others and give back to their communities. Teach by example, get them involved, and choose accessible projects. This spring I worked with my children to create some simple craft kits to donate to our local children’s hospital. The kids LOVED this project!

Raising leaders is more important than ever before. Great tips in this post!

How did others help you develop leadership skills growing up? Is there a particular experience that stands out?

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