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The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide

This Harry Potter gift guide has something for every Harry Potter fan on your shopping list – no matter their age! From accessories to advent calendars to games and toys to DIY Harry Potter gifts, we have something for everyone.

This Harry Potter gift guide has something for every Harry Potter fan on your shopping list - no matter their age! From accessories to advent calendars to games and toys to DIY Harry Potter gifts, we have something for everyone. #HarryPotter #Potterheads #giftguide

If you’ve followed this blog for long you know that I live in a house stock full of fans of all things Pottermore. My 13-year-old daughter even lives in our cupboard under the stairs!

Harry Potter Gift Guide – All The Gift Ideas You Need for Harry Potter Fans

Emma helped me pull together some of our favorite Harry Potter products for this post!

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Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could copy those invisibility cloak scenes from the movies at home?

Actually, now you can! WOW! Stuff Collection’s Invisibility Cloak comes with a fancy cloak and the code you need to install an app that does all the green screen processing for you! They actually sent us one to try, so I have images and video an everything!

Harry Potter invisibility cloak

The front of the cloak is beautiful, made out of a nice soft Harry Potter print.

green screen invisibility cloak

The back side is a green screen. This is what you wear to get a photo or video within the app. Like this video of Lily:

Or this still photo of Anna:

Invisibility cloak

One quick warning about the app: you can only install it on two devices EVER. So you can’t uninstall from one device to install on another one – even if your phone dies. This is one thing I would like them to fix. Otherwise it’s a fantastic gift.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

I LOVE advent calendars, and why not gift a Harry Potter themed calendar? I love the ornaments that are included in this one, and its infinity design feels magical.

A Genuine Ollivanders Wand

A certified Ollivander’s wand is the perfect Harry Potter gift for a dedicated fan. You can pick wands used by particular characters in the films.

Harry Potter LEGO

We love LEGO every bit as much as Harry Potter in our house, so it was a happy day when LEGO started selling HP themed sets again.

While we haven’t bought Hogwarts (yet), one of my kids’ friends has been working on her set for over a year now! We actually work on a pretty tight gifts per child budget in our house, so I love that LEGO has released a series of smaller Harry Potter sets that we can gift or the kids can earn.

Harry Potter Accessories

Etsy is full of Harry Potter themed goodies. I bought my 12-year-old these Golden Snitch earrings last Christmas, so I know they are well made!

Harry Potter Board Games

Uno is suddenly cooler when wizards are involved. There is also a Harry Potter version of Clue, and this cooperative deck building game looks interesting.

Educational Harry Potter Toys

Work on fine motor skills and develop your awareness of geometry with this Harry Potter origami set!

Bring a flash of magic to math facts practice with this unofficial Harry Potter coloring math book.

Harry Potter Relaxation

I feel like we all need a reset button from time to time throughout the holidays. That’s where this Harry Potter coloring book comes in.

DIY Harry Potter Gifts

Harry Potter themed merchandise gets pricey quick! Here are a few of our favorite DIY Harry Potter themed gifts.

Harry Potter Themed Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are so soothing! And they are even better when they feature the recipient’s favorite wizarding books.

DIY Wand

Official wands are wonderful, but these DIY wands are too! And they aren’t hard to make. My kids are still playing with theirs years after they made them!

DIY Book of Spells

There are several DIY spellbooks on the internet. My friend Trisha’s Harry Potter Book of Spells is my personal favorite.

Monster Book of Monsters

These monster books aren’t exactly like the movie version, but kids love them! And you definitely could make them more movie like!


Ikatbag has a wonderful tutorial for making witches hats! She has a lovely sorting hat, too.

Which of these gifts would your Harry Potter fan love best? Please let me know if you know of a DIY tutorial that should be on this list!

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