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Harry Potter Costumes for the Entire Family

Harry Potter costumes -ideas for the entire family, including some great DIY hacks. We have something for everyone!

Halloween costumes for groups: Harry Potter theme

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This summer we spent some of our vacation money on costumes to celebrate Comic-Con week, which was virtual and therefore free. We didn’t end up participating in the virtual sessions at all, but the kids sure loved planning costumes and dressing up! And now we have a treasure trove of dress up options for Halloween as well as general play.

Harry Potter Group Costume Ideas

All four kids love the Harry Potter book series, so dedicating one day to Harry Potter costumes was an obvious choice!

Harry Potter Halloween Dress up ideas

We had a lot of the things we needed for these costumes already thanks to my kids’ tremendous love to Harry Potter. I loved seeing them choose who they would dress up as. From left to right:

  • Luna Lovegood
  • Ginny Weasley
  • Gilderoy Lockhart
  • A Hufflepuff Student
  • Hermione Granger (red hair was for a different costume on a different day).

The only things we bought just for this dress up event were Johnny’s tie and Anna’s pink rain coat. Everything else we already owned or the kids Harry Potter wands, Luna Lovegood glasses) made themselves.

All four kids used wands that we made.

You’ll notice a lack of shoes. That’s how you know these are 2020 costumes, when we have nowhere to go!

Molly Weasley Costume

This Molly Weasley costume isn’t in the group photo because I made it later, but I love how it turned out and had to add it to this post!

I used this crochet sweater pattern to make the sleeves, and then I hand sewed them to this linen vest. I bought the crinkle skirt at Target a couple of years ago; the shirt was probably also from Target.

Luna Lovegood Costume

Anna’s Luna Lovegood costume was the most cobbled together – and also my personal favorite! She made the Quibbler glasses herself, using scrapbook paper and some clear plastic that I usually use as a cover for books that I bind using my binding machine. She used markers to color in the plastic, and then taped it all together with scotch tape.

8yo Luna Lovegood glasses

It’s a look that I feel certain Luna would approve of!

Anna paired the glasses with pink leggings from her drawer and this pink windbreaker. Plus her planets dress, which Target sadly does not seem to be carrying currently.

Ginny Weasley Costume

Lily wore a fleece Gryffindor robe that someone gave us at some point. Her leggings and T-shirt came out of her closet, but I think both were originally from Target. She adores her gold Salwater sandals, and I am amazed that they are still looking new after a year of wear.

Gilderoy Lockhart Costume

The kids raided Mike’s closet for his Gilderoy Lockhart costume. We didn’t have a wand for him, so he’s holding a paintbrush upside down.

Hufflepuff Student Costume

Johnny got his Hufflepuff robe as a gift last year. We added a tie, which he paired with clothes from his closet.

Hermione Granger Costume

Emma bought both the shirt and tie for her Hermione outfit. Her normal hair is much closer to Hermione’s, but it was already dyed for another outfit. Her time turner necklace still identifies her as the heroine of this series.

Emma’s outfit is a great example of how a couple accessories can identify a character – you don’t need a robe to be a Harry Potter student!

Other Fun Harry Potter Group Costume Ideas:

Here are some other fun ways to dress up as Harry Potter book characters:

  • Professors (this one is fun for kids as well as adults). Either all of the subjects, or maybe just the line up of Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers.
  • Heads of Houses.
  • A quidditch team.
  • Some of the Hogwarts paintings
  • The Dursleys. They may not be very likable, but they offer great dressing up potential.
  • Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione. This one is obvious, but interestingly my kids are not at all interested in dressing up as Harry.

Planning a Costume Party? Consider Including These Harry Potter Crafts:

Here are some fun Harry Potter crafts that are perfect for a costume party, or celebrating Harry’s birthday on July 31st!

What are your favorite Harry Potter costumes? What would you add to our costumes?

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