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Handmade Gifts for Children

Give from your heart with these handmade gifts for children. We have something for everyone, from simple gifts to sewing and crochet patterns.

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handmade gifts for children

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Holiday Guide: Handmade Gifts for Children

I love giving handmade gifts for people of all ages, but especially children who I find particularly appreciate the “made just for you” aspect of this type of gift. This post features tutorials for all sorts of handmade gifts, from quick and easy ideas to more involved projects.

Quick and Easy Handmade Gift Ideas

Sometimes you want to give something handmade but you don’t have very much time. These quick and easy projects are just the solution you need!

Easy Handmade Gift Ideas for Children

These handmade gives are quick and easy to make. Kids love them!

Hand Sewn Gifts for Children

Hand sewn gifts can be quick and easy or very involved, but I find that they are always popular with children. Here are a few of our favorite projects.

Hand Sewn Gifts for Children

This list of hand sewn gifts has something for every child, at every age! Simple sewing projects and more complex ones.

handmade presents for kids

Crochet Gift Ideas

Crochet is time consuming, but I find it soothing and therefore perfect for handmade gifts.

Handmade Crochet Gifts for Kids

Crochet projects are super portable, and these are gifts I often work on while I am waiting for my kids' various extracurricular activities to end. You'll find a wealth of books and tutorials across the internet, but here are some free patterns to get you started! We recommend Clover Amour Crochet hooks - they are comfy and hold up well to hours of use.

Polymer Clay Gift Ideas

My kids love making polymer clay gifts. Sometimes I make them too! Here are our favorites:

Polymer Clay Gift Ideas

Oven baked polymer clay is easy and forgiving to work with, making it an ideal medium for handmade gifts.

What are your favorite handmade gift ideas for children? Please let me know if you have tutorials that would make good additions to this post!

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