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Handmade doll bed

This doll bed was Emma’s Christmas present. It was very simple to make, and she loves it.

The blanket is two pieces of fleece (scraps from clothing I’ve made her which you may recognize if you’ve followed this blog for a while) tied together. Just cut out each corner, cut the edges into strips, and tie. Don’t pull too hard while tying, since fleece stretches out and stops looking nice under stress.
The bed frame is the lid of the large shoebox that Mike’s winter boots came in. I covered it in wrapping paper, but I might recover it with fabric if the wrapping paper rips (so far, so good).

I traced around the lid and added a seam allowance to make the mattress. The mattress is stuffed with two layers of quilt batting. I top-stitched around the edges, mainly to avoid hand-sewing where I had added the quilt batting. The pillow is made out of the same fabric (a remnant a friend gave me that they had left over from making a baby blanket), also top-stitched around the edges for the same reason as the mattress.

Here is the finished bed. I made the entire gift in under one hour, start to finish.
Emma loves her baby’s new bed.

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