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An Easy Tutorial on How to Make Hand Stamped Metal Jewelry

Tutorial on how to make hand stamped metal jewelry. I had no idea it was this easy! This approach is so simple that tweens can make their own hand stamped jewelry.

Hand stamped jewelry anyone can make.

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I have long admired hand stamped jewelry, but I had no idea it was easy to make. I was able to watch a hand stamping demo at Creativation, and I was amazed by the simplicity of it.

Of course, the easiness or difficulty in jewelry stamping begins with the tools you use. ImpressArt is a company that is working to make this craft as accessible as possible. They sent me the supplies that I am featuring in this post.

What You Need to Make Stamped Metal Jewelry

To make hand stamped jewelry,  you need a few basic materials:

  • Metal to stamp. There is a wide variety to choose from. You can make necklaces, bracelets, and even rings.
  • A steel block. This provides a solid surface for stamping and shaping and flattening metal.
  • A hammer.
  • Stamps. ImpressArt sells many different stamp fonts! Melody is one of their new stamp sets, and one of their employees mentioned that Bridgette is a popular stamp set. They also sell some very neat mandala design stamp packs.

Stamp Straight Tape is also helpful. You can use it to evenly space out letters, and to mark stamping blanks for accurate stamping. Stamp enamel helps your hand stamped metal jewelry really stand out. We didn’t use a stamping jig, but having one makes it even easier to line up letters precisely.

How to Make a Hand Stamped Necklace

Making a hand stamped necklace is very easy! Here is what we used:

Step 1: Set Up.

Pick out your stamps and the blank you want to use. Set them up on your Steel Stamping Block. Use Stamp Straight Tape to hold your blank in place, and to mark off spacing.

easy tutorial on how to make hand stamped jewelry

Step 2: Stamp!

Carefully place your stamp where you want it (make sure it’s right side up!) and hit it several times with the Ergo-Angle Metal Stamping Hammer.

How to make hand stamped jewelry.

You want to hammer as evenly as possible – can you see that we didn’t hit the top of the “l” letters in “lily” as quite as hard as the bottom? We are still learning! This is another reason I am thinking of buying a stamping jig; it makes it easier to hammer evenly.

Step 3: Enamel.

How to make hand stamped jewelry

Add your Stamp Enamel. Let it sit for 10 to 30 seconds, then wipe off the excess.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Hand Stamped Metal Jewelry!

Use jewelry pliers to add a chain, and enjoy your necklace! It’s really that easy!

Thank you, ImpressArt, for sending us the supplies to make this tutorial! Have you ever made hand stamped metal jewelry? Did you know how to make hand stamped jewelry before reading this post? If you use this tutorial, I would love to see photos on my Facebook page. You can also share by tagging me on Instagram

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  1. Love this post thank you! I am always looking for new handmade jewellery designs as I own my own online shop. Thanks for the tip will definitely take it on board for out next designs!

  2. A friend of mine got into metal stamping awhile ago, and it really did look cool. I am trying my best not to get into YET another craft, we’ll see how that goes.

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