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Easy Halloween Class Party Ideas for Kids

Our favorite easy Halloween class party ideas for kids – simple Halloween activities kids love that are easy to prep and don’t make a big mess.

Our favorite easy Halloween class party ideas for kids - simple #Halloween activities kids love that are easy to prep and don't make a big mess.

Halloween is the most celebrated holiday at my kids’ school. Only Johnny goes there this year, but in the past I’ve had all my kids there. Between being a room mom and volunteering at three kids’ parties for multiple years, I got to see a lot of activities! Today I’m sharing my favorite Halloween class party activities for kids. I like them because they are pretty simple, the kids enjoy them, and they don’t make a big mess.

Halloween Class Party Ideas

Easy Halloween Class Party Ideas for Kids

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Make a Ghost – Halloween Art!

This idea comes from Lily’s first grade teacher. She took freezer paper, and had the kids arrange black yarn into a ghost shape on the waxy side. Then she ironed a second sheet of freezer paper on top. The wax traps the yarn, and it has a nice translucent ghost-like quality.

Write a Black Cat Poem – Halloween Writing!

This was another activity from Lily’s wonderful first grade teacher. Simply write a poem using the first letters of the words Black Cat, then paste them onto a black cat shape!

Make Ghost Balloons – Halloween Science!

I introduced Johnny’s second grade class to our family’s favorite ghost balloons science experiment. They loved it so much that I repeated the activity for the entire school the following year.

Easy Halloween class party ideas

Decorate a Haunted House – Halloween Storytelling!

Kids can use this haunted house printable to decorate their own haunted house. They’re practicing storytelling whether or not you have them write as well!

Read a Halloween Story

Here are a few of our favorite Halloween themed picture books. What are yours?

Fun Food for a Halloween Class Party

Mandarin Pumpkins

Peel mandarin or clementine oranges so that they look like pumpkins. Use a small piece of celery stick for the stalk. I first discovered this activity when my son Johnny was in kindergarten. I have seen it in at least one child’s class party every year since.

Chopstick Candy Game

One of the other moms in Johnny’s class brought in this game, and it was a big hit. You can substitute beads for candy and then make a bracelet if you want to to go sugar-free. You’ll notice this was the only real treat on my list!

Cheese Stick Ghosts

I didn’t get a picture of these, but they are super easy! Just draw a ghost face on the cheese stick wrappers using a Sharpie pen.

Decorate Rice Cake Pumpkins

This is another activity that nearly every one of my kids’ teachers has done. Cover a rice cake with cream cheese, then add fruit for a jack o’lantern face. In the photo above we used apples, raisins, and pieces of dried mango. Of course, you could also do orange frosting and chocolate chips if you are taking a more decadent route!

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9 thoughts on “Easy Halloween Class Party Ideas for Kids”

  1. Another idea is have fun making paper mache pumpkins and decorating them!
    1 Get big bag of balloon and balloon pump.
    2 Have big pile of old newspapers or paper
    3 Have some kid safe paper paste glue
    4 Cut paper into pieces
    5 Soap paper pieces in glue
    6 Inflate balloon and give out to each child
    7 Kids can attach paper pieces onto balloon
    8 Once completely covered, wait till dry and paint and decorate
    9 See who has the nicest paper mache when completed and maybe have prizes

  2. GREAT ideas! Our schools don’t do much by way of celebration for Halloween but they do have a Friendship Walk where students are paired with in twos (one older/one younger) and they all dress in costume.

  3. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    Great ideas! We are looking forward to Halloween and all the party activities that come with it.

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