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Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Fun and simple Halloween activities for preschoolers, including Halloween science, crafts, active play, book activities, and more! Check out my collection of the best hands on activities for preschoolers for year-round preschool activities!

Halloween activities for preschoolers

Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers LOVE the less-scary aspects of Halloween, and this holiday provides plenty of learning opportunities through fun themed activities. Here are our favorites.

Halloween Science for Preschoolers

Our Ghost Balloons Halloween Science activity feels like magic and is super accessible to preschool aged children. All you need is an empty water bottle, vinegar, baking soda, and a balloon (white works best).

Gross Motor Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Our Spider Web Obstacle Course doesn’t need much space at all! Set it up on your playground or under tables indoors on cold, stormy, and rainy days! This monster carnival game is another great Halloween gross motor skill game.

Quiet Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Halloween can be a VERY exciting time for preschoolers, and I find kids enjoy quiet activities to decompress. Here are our favorites:

Emotional Intelligence Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Halloween and emotional intelligence don’t feel intuitive to me, but I find that this holiday offers lots of opportunities to develop this skill! Trick or treating even offers an opportunity to practice social skills!

Jack O’ Lanterns are my favorite Halloween emotional intelligence tool. My kids love both of these emotions based activities:

A collection of Halloween activities for preschoolers, including Halloween science, crafts, active play, book activities, and more!

What Halloween activities for preschoolers do you love? Share favorites in the comments below, on my Facebook page, or by tagging me on Instagram

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  1. We just put up our Halloween decorations, and one of them was a giant spider web. I should have the kids try to climb through it without touching it.

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