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Gourmet Brewed Hot Chocolate: Learn How to Make Choffee

Brewed hot chocolate – a gourmet alternative to regular hot chocolate. Delicious with added health benefits! Learn how to make your own choffee.

Brewed hot chocolate - a gourmet alternative to regular hot chocolate. Delicious with added health benefits! Learn how to make your own choffee. #hotchocolate #choffee #recipe #foodie

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Lets Talk Choffee

Have you heard of choffee, also known as brewed hot chocolate? It’s a lot like coffee, but you use roasted and ground cocoa beans instead of roasted and ground coffee beans. This delicious treat for chocolate lovers offers four times as many antioxidants than coffee.

It’s healthiest if you drink it without sugar; my family definitely prefers to drink it with a little sugar and milk, but still less sugar than you would find in a hot chocolate mix.

Luxury brewed hot chocolate

Of course, being a gourmet drink it comes with a gourmet price tag, much like coffee. There are several brands out there. The many varieties of Crio Bru seem popular. Right now we’re working our way through this giant bag of Crio Bru Ecuador French Roast.

How to Make Brewed Hot Chocolate

You can make it in a regular coffee maker; we use a French Press. I love this mini single serving French press. Cocoa beans from different countries have different flavors, making for a fun tour of the world through chocolate. You can also buy blends that are made with spices added to the beans. I think it’s a better value to add your own coarsely ground cinnamon (or whatever spice you are interested in).

We make ours with water and then add milk and sugar at the end – UK tea-drinking style. Sometimes we add sweetened condensed milk instead of milk and sugar.

This is obviously not a rich, creamy drink, but you could achieve that effect by heating up milk (my sister makes it with almond milk, which is delicious) and putting that in the French press. Real cream is also delicious. It’s a delicious warm drink with a few added health benefits – definitely a win, in my opinion!

You can brew your choffee on the go with this tumbler that comes with a fine mesh tea infuser. Just be aware that it won’t taste as good if you let it brew for too long.

Learn how to make Choffee - brewed hot chocolate. #recipe #chofee #comfortfood

What to Do with Choffee Grounds

You can add the choffee grounds to baking recipes. I added it to my banana oatmeal pancake recipe last week (about a tablespoon), and it tasted amazing! We also use the choffee grounds for sensory trays, and I put them in our container garden.

Have you ever brewed hot chocolate? What brand of choffee do you prefer?

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    Interesting! My husband and daughter enjoy hot chocolate occasionally, but my husband makes his by hand…

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