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Gluten Free Broccoli Cashew Chicken Rice

Gluten-Free Broccoli Cashew Chicken Rice

I recently moved my family over to a gluten-free diet, and as a result we are making a lot of rice dishes! This gluten free, Asian inspired broccoli cashew chicken rice recipe has been a hit with the entire family!

Gluten Free Broccoli Cashew Chicken Rice

This recipe requires only six ingredients:

  • Rice (we use brown rice, usually, but any rice will do)
  • Fresh broccoli
  • Chicken
  • Soy sauce – make sure it is gluten free (not all soy sauce is)
  • Cashews – I prefer raw, but roasted work as well. I recommend the unsalted ones, if you can, since you are adding plenty of sodium with the soy sauce
  • Olive oil

I’m afraid I’m not giving you any amounts, because this is more of a stir fry, where you combine things in the amounts that your family will eat.

  1. Start your rice steaming. Non-stick finishes make me nervous, so we use this stainless steel rice cooker – with the steamer basket on top, since otherwise (like many rice cookers) it winds up making a big mess when the basket is full of rice and boiling water.
  2. If you are using raw chicken, brown it now in olive oil. We often use leftover chicken, and if you are doing that you can add it later, with the cashews.
  3. Add the fresh broccoli.
  4. Add cashews
  5. Add soy sauce – less if your cashews were salted.
  6. Add in your rice, stir, and serve.

You can also add onions, peppers, and other vegetables. I like to add mushrooms, but the rest of my family doesn’t like them so I only do it occasionally. Water chestnuts are great, if you have some – and all of my kids like those! You can also substitute the chicken with beef, hamburger, pork, or tofu (which I am trying to learn how to cook properly – any tips?)

What are your favorite kid-friendly healthy dishes?

MaryAnne lives is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

9 thoughts on “Gluten Free Broccoli Cashew Chicken Rice”

  1. Elisa | blissfulE

    Looks fantastic, MaryAnne! My mouth is watering! :) Another option is to use leftover cold rice and reheat it with your broccoli, chicken, and cashews for fried rice just like in Chinese restaurants.

    This past month we started using a Zojirushi vacuum cooking pot [affiliate link] for our rice, replacing a non-stick rice cooker we have. Pricey, but a friend recommended it, and I wasn’t able to find a stainless steel rice cooker with an Aussie plug for any less, so we went for the Zojirushi. The nice thing is that it doesn’t just do rice, but I have also cooked broth in it and it has turned out to be the ideal yogurt incubator as well. And still there are more things I want to try, such as chili and all the meals we currently make in the crock pot. It’s much easier to clean than our slow cooker.

  2. Natalie PlanetSmartyPants

    This recipe sounds delicious. Sadly, my daughter absolutely refused to eat brown rice, but perhaps I will try it with white rice.

  3. Hopefully, you went gluten free after pi day! Sorry, I didn’t know. My sister is celiac. She has passed along some good gf recipes. Message me if you want them. I found this amazing focaccia bread recipe on pinterest. I tried gf before Miss J, and it’s what for me through the month. We also found a good coffee cake recipe too.

  4. I always get a big mess when I make rice. It’s a point of frustration between my husband and I as we haven’t found a good solution for it.

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