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Gingerbread House Glyph Activity for Kids

Gingerbread themed learning activities for kids. I love this gingerbread house glyph activity! Easy and fun for all ages.

Gingerbread glyph and other fun gingerbread themed learning activities for kids. #freeprintable #kidsactivities #gingerbread

Gingerbread Baby is one of my family’s favorite Jan Brett books. I love her twist on this classic story, and so I was excited to learn that it is this week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids pick!

My kids and I loved making and decorating gingerbread houses before we had to move to a gluten free diet. If anyone reading this has a great gluten free gingerbread recipe that works for building houses, we want to try it! We have made some sticker gingerbread houses, and candy gingerbread houses, but it’s not quite the same.

Since we don’t have a working recipe yet, I decided to give a gingerbread house glyph a go this year!

Gingerbread House Glyph

A glyph is a way of representing something with symbols rather than words. I made this fun gingerbread house glyph printable. Download it by clicking on the image below.

Gingerbread house glyph, and other gingerbread themed #learningactivities for kids. #vbcforkids #gingerbread

Our printer isn’t set up yet, but I plan to do that in the morning. Then I’ll update this post with images of some of my kids’ gingerbread house glyphs!

More Gingerbread Themed Learning Activities for Kids

Gingerbread makes a fantastic learning theme for kids! check out these fun gingerbread themed educational kids activities.

Gingerbread learning activities for kids

What are your favorite gingerbread themed learning activities for kids? I’d love to see photos if you use our gingerbread house glyph printable!

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  1. Natalie PlanetSmarty

    Glyphs are so fun in elementary school. The whole class starts with the same template and each result ends up so different!

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