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Gifts Kids Can Make: Pom Pom Puppies

pom pom puppy

My nine-year-old daughter Emma made this pom pom puppy for three-year-old Anna using a Pom Pom Puppies kit she bought with her own money. I think it turned out great! This book is a sequel to the Mini Pom Pom Pets book that Emma also saved up for. The puppies in this book are much larger than the pets in the other book, and Emma spent hours working on this one puppy. This kit comes with a pom pom maker (the mini book has you make the tiny pom poms using a fork). Emma needed some help with the first book, but she was able to make these puppy completely on her own – I was not involved at all! She really liked the details that were included in the kit, like the cardboard collar and crown. She also made a small carrier bag after I took the photos for this post.

All of these pom pom animals are great gifts kids can make; Emma has already made a few to include in birthday gifts for friends. It is hard to beat the feeling of joy you get when someone loves something that you made for them:

Gifts kids can make: pom pom puppies!

The pom pom puppies book focuses on making different breeds of dogs, and Emma has plans to make them for all of her siblings. My personal favorite pom pom creation remains the mini mouse Emma made, and its cameo appearance in this stop motion animation video made by seven-year-old Johnny:

Handmade toys have a level of personality that you simply cannot find in store bought toys!

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What are your kids creating? Will they be making their own Halloween costumes? Any plans for handmade Christmas gifts this year?

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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