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Gifts Kids Can Make: Handmade Jewelry


Artterro sent us their wool felt wearables kit when we sent over some of their gorgeous art journals for my four kids, and Emma has enjoyed using the kit to explore the world of handmade jewelry – although I realized, putting together this post, that she has hardly touched the wool portion of the kit so far (I know she has plans to).

Artterro kits come with supplies and a few ideas, but they are designed to be open-ended. They supply everything you need to make jewelry, but you aren’t told exactly how to do it. I love that! Here’s what Emma came up with so far!


The earrings were the most complex to make – she needed my help for these. We put one end of the embroidery floss through the needle, added the hook for the jewelry, then slid the other end through the needle.


Then she picked out her beads, slid them on, and we tied it off. To tie it off right against the bead, lay the needle flush against the bead, wrap the extra thread around it three or four times (we used four), then slide the needle (and thread) through the loops you have created. You will have created a neat little knot up against the bead! Then we trimmed the end, leaving a bit as a small tassel on the end. Very simple, requires no wire cutters or pliers, and is cute!


Emma creatively used both of the needles created in the kit to easily create this symmetrical necklace – one on each end so she could work from the center out. She loves this necklace, and has plans to make more for gifts, including using some of the felt balls included in the kit!



This last project was easy – stitch the felt heart onto the hair clip. It’s off in gift-land, but was easy to for Emma to make, and I see more of these in our future.

What are your favorite kid-made gifts? You can find more inspiration on my “for kids to make for others” collaborative Pinterest board!

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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  1. So sweet! That was really smart of Emma to use both needles to make a symmetrical necklace – I need to remember her tip!!

  2. Cute! Her designs will make lovely gifts! When I was about Emma’s age, we tried to sell homemade jewelry at our day camp (to other kids, for like a quarter). We just really liked making things out of lanyard strings and beads.

  3. This looks like a wonderful kit, and I love how this necklace looks on your gorgeous girl! Anna is making a lot of bracelets with her Rainbow Loom at the moment. We still need to discuss who she plans to make gifts for this year.

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