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Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids

Arts and crafts supplies for kids are wonderful for building hand-eye coordination, creative self-expression, and fine motor skills. Here are the basics that I always keep stocked in our home.

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what art supplies to buy for kids

Our Must-Have Arts and Crafts Supplies for Children

These are the items that fill my arts and crafts cart. They often make their way into our home maker space kit, too.

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I keep all of these supplies in my house, but if you want to go basic you can use basic scotch tape, paper, and pencils. Or hand them crayons and a cardboard box. Children can get incredibly creative with only two or three materials. My son built this cardboard play shop using a marker, pen, paper, tape, and a cardboard box when he was 10 years old. Pretty amazing!

So, if kids can be creative with only a few items, why buy more?

That’s a good question. I buy more because I like to see what my children do with them. I think you learn different things by coloring with crayons versus colored pencils, and watercolor paints are another experience altogether.

I’ve learned that I can set my children up with a table with a few pretty basic materials, and they will create something lovely.

How to Talk to Kids about Their Art

Asking thoughtful questions helps parent understand their children’s artwork better.

Instead of declaring something to be good, talk about how much you like it.

Instead of assuming that you know what the picture is about, say, “Can you tell me about your picture?”

Have you ever seen an interview with a professional artist? Kids can actually answer all sorts of pretty technical questions, like why they chose a color, what their picture means to them, and why they colored hard (or soft) on the paper. When parents and caregivers take the time to ask these questions, they get to know children on a new level. It’s a rewarding experience for everyone!

What are your favorite arts and crafts supplies for children? Are there any that I forgot about that should be on this list?

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