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The Ultimate Gift Guide

Favorite gifts for children, in one place. Gift guides sorted by topics, age, and interest for stress free shopping.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Children

I’ve pulled together my top recommendations to create the ultimate gift guide!

There is no one gift that is perfect for absolutely every child, so my lists are based on a child’s age, their interests, and their parents’ priorities. This way you can find something that the particular child you are shopping for will adore! You can also use these gift guides to help a child choose a gift for a friend.

My Gift Guides

  • Arts and Crafts Supplies for Kids. This is the gift guide you want if you are shopping for crafty kids and children who love art.
  • Awesome Gifts for Kids Aged 0-7 Years Old. This is the perfect gift guide for young parents as well as any friends, aunts, and uncles shopping for young children.
  • Board Books for Babies. This is my go-to gift guide list when I am shopping for a nice book to include with a cute outfit and toy for a baby shower gift.
  • Educational Toys Kids Love. Kids learn so much through play! I can guarantee these are toys that parents who emphasize learning at home will appreciate.
  • Gifts for Dads (that they can play with with kids). This is a fun way to find gifts for Dad that promote quality father child play time.
  • Harry Potter Gift Guide. I created this gift guide because I have four children who adore all things Harry Potter.
  • Musical Toys for Kids. This gift guide focuses on music toys for young children. 
  • Picture Books. Picture books are my go to gift for young children when I am not sure parents want more toys in the house. I also love pairing a book with a toy.

As you can see, some of these links are posts, while others are simply collections of items. Hopefully together they can give you some great ideas of how to find the perfect gifts for your family!

gift guide for kids

What do you look for when shopping for gifts? Is there a themed, interest, or age specific gift guide that you would like me to add to this list?

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