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Getting Ready for a New School Year

Set goals as a way of getting ready for a new school year – whether you are homeschooling or sending your child off to school. We’ll be doing both!

Set goals as a way of getting ready for a new school year - whether you are homeschooling or sending your child off to school. We'll be doing both!

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July went out with a bang – literally. My seven-year-old daughter Lily broke her arm! She and I spent a sleepless night in the ER, where we were told she might need surgery. Thankfully the pediatric orthopedic surgeon got her in this morning. He said she was fine without surgery, so we are off on our road trip this afternoon! Mike’s staying behind to show our condo and catch up on work. He’ll meet up with us for a few days, then go off on a business trip while the kids can I continue our road trip. We will be traveling for the first three weeks of August!

Our road trip is only the beginning of our adventures for this month. Three of our four kids are going to switch to homeschooling this fall. They’ve signed up through a local charter school, that also provides funds for activities and supplies. It should be fun! My son Johnny chose to stay at our local public school. He is missing the first week of school, though, due to our trip.

How did July go?

I set simple July goals. We got rid of a fair bit of stuff around the house, and packed a few boxes for our upcoming move. We celebrated Anna’s and Lily’s birthdays last week. Anna’s birthday was a big hit, and so was Lily’s much calmer celebration (due to her broken arm). We enjoyed a great week with Mike’s cousin and my nephew. I started sewing this Esme top, but life intervened and it’s sitting unfinished in my craft bin.

Getting Ready for a New School Year

Our summer sped by, and it’s time to get ready for a new school year! I have the three homeschooling kids’ curriculum set (for now; I imagine it will shift and change). Johnny has a backpack, and that’s all he needs for now. Our school charges parents a set fee for school supplies, and then buys everyone the same thing. I like this system – it means all the kids use the same stuff, and I’m not running through Target with a shopping list.

I’m sending my son to school one week late this year – not necessarily the best start, but worth celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday and seeing extended family. The beauty of homeschool is that we can do school work from anywhere, so starting late is a non-issue.

I’ve gotten a few new shirts and shorts for the kids to wear this fall. Other clothing will be added on an as-needed basis.

My biggest thing for getting ready is to make the most of remaining family time!

Practical Tips for a Getting Ready for a New School Year

Here are some great practical tips for getting kids ready for a new school year:

Setting Goals for August 2017

Setting goals for August 2017

Here are my August goals:

  • Enjoy our road trip. Gratitude and mindful living
  • Get the kids settled in at school when we get home. Education

That’s enough to keep us busy all month!

How are you getting ready for a new school year? What are your goals for August? My friend Cassie has some great back to school goals. Please share in the comments. I also love to see photos, suggestions, and ideas on my Facebook page, and you can tag me on Instagram

MaryAnne is a craft loving educator, musician, photographer, and writer who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.

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