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Geometry for Kids

Geometry for Kids Inspiration: hands on learning ideas you can use to teach geometry to children of all ages. A resource for parents and teachers.

geometry for kids resource for parents and educators

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Geometry for Kids: A Hands-on Education Resource

Geometry is a part of math that kids are literally never too young to learn! Simple baby toys like shape sorters and wooden blocks teach our infants geometry basics long before they begin to walk and talk.

Somehow, we still get it in our heads that geometry is some terrible subject that you shouldn’t touch until 10th grade. That’s a real shame! Today I’m sharing some really fun geometry ideas for kids that will keep them learning through play throughout their lives.

What Is Geometry?

Geometry for Kids is a constantly updated resource featuring hands on learning ideas you can use to teach geometry to children of all ages.

Geometry is the part of mathematics that looks at points, lines, shapes, and space.

Since our lives are full of points, lines, shapes, and space, this means that geometry is super relevant in our lives! So we all benefit when we start learning about it younger, and keep studying it throughout our lives.

Geometric Shapes Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are fascinated by shapes, so this is the focus of most preschool geometry.

Learning About Geometry with Pattern Blocks

Pattern blocks are my favorite toy for teaching preschoolers geometry. Here are a few fun ways to use this hands-on math toy:

Building Pictures with Geometric Shapes

Building pictures out of shapes is a great way to solidify shape names while also learning about angles and surface area. Here are some fun geometric shape building activities with printables to get you started:

Children can also learn a lot about a shape by using the same shape over and over to create a different shape. For example, preschoolers can use dot markers to write their name, or circle stickers to create a picture.

Hands On Geometry Learning Activities for Kids

Since the world is full of shapes, lines, and dots, it’s easy to find hands-on geometry learning activities for kids. I really enjoyed putting together this list with ideas from all over blogland.

All too often, I hear people saying that they are too artistic for math. Did you know that learning how to use perspective in art is a fantastic geometry activity?

Don’t forget to play with math. Activities that don’t feel super educational, like this spring tree pi inspired coloring page, still help develop mathematical awareness.

Geometry and Spatial Awareness

Geometry can also help children develop spatial awareness, as they learn how different shapes interact in the physical world. This knowledge can even go on to help kids become better athletes!

Origami is a simple geometry themed activity that helps children discover the relationship between two- and three-dimensional shapes.

What are your favorite Geometry resources for kids?

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