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Geometric Shapes Truck

This Geometric Shapes Truck is our latest Geometric Shapes felt board activity.

Geometric Shapes Truck Printable

The shapes for this truck are the same as those used for the geometric shapes train and the geometric shapes castle. My plan is to make an entire collection for my daughter (and eventually son and second daughter once she arrives and grows up a little) to build and rebuild on their felt board (see instructions for a felt/flannel board here and here). Here is the pattern for this one:

Geometric Shapes Truck

And here is the finished product:

geometric shapes truck craft for kids

Our geometric shapes truck was especially popular with Johnny, who made many truck noises before destroying it. Emma can build it by putting the pieces on top of the pattern paper, and then looking at this picture or at a second truck built by me to see where the small circles and square go.

While we’re on the subject of geometric shapes and felt boards, check out the awesome artwork one of Emma’s friends made for her using the shapes from the geometric shapes train (the pieces are glued onto a piece of glitter felt):

geometric shapes art for preschoolers

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  1. I love it, and I especially loved your tutorial on how to make the felt board. Really cool!Valerie

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