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Geometric Shapes Train and Transportation Themed Learning Activities

Practice shapes and colors with this fun geometric shapes train activity! Free printable to use with felt, colored paper, or crayons or markers.

Practice shapes and colors with this fun geometric shapes train activity! I love the two different ways you can use this worksheet - one instant and one requiring only a little bit of prep work. #trains #trainactivity #preschool #ece #vbcforkids

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Geometric Shapes Train

Like most children, my kids love playing with shapes and they love trains, so I decided to make some shapes for our felt board that they could then use to build a geometric shapes train. Using geometric shapes to make pictures is an excellent math activity for kids! We love doing this with our pattern blocks, but felt is sometimes easier for younger children to use because the pieces don’t slide around.

Geometric Shapes Train Printable

Here is the design I created – way back when my oldest daughter Emma was only two years old!

Geometric Shapes Train

The image above links to this geometric shapes printable that you can use to make your own set at home.

Here is the felt train Emma, then Johnny, and then Lily spent hours playing with as small children.

Fast forward nine years, and I pulled this activity out again for my daughter Anna to go along with this week’s Virtual Book Club for Kids pick , Freight Train by Donald Crews. We are in the middle of packing, and our felt board and felt were stuck in boxes. I printed the page out, and Anna colored and counted her way through the activity.

Geometric shapes train activity for kids.

You can also cut the shapes out of colored paper and glue them together to create a train.

More Geometric Shape Activities

My kids loved this train activity so much that I made a few more shape templates when my older kids were small. You’ll notice that most of them are transportation themed. Kids are fascinated by things that move!

More Shape Activities for Kids

Here are some more fun ways to explore shapes with your kids:

More Transportation Themed Learning Fun for Kids

Are you following along with the Virtual Book Club for Kids? Here are some more fun transportation themed learning activities to enjoy after reading Freight Train.

Check out two of our favorite transportation themed toys:

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  1. Jessica @ Play Trains!

    I made a simpler version of this for my son when he was younger that I’ve been meaning to blog about, but I love this more complex version too. I’ll have to see if he’s ready for something like this now.

  2. what a great idea. reminds me of a fantastic set of wooden shapes with corresponding stack of photos of the shapes set up. this is the same idea, but much easier to do at home. fantastic!

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