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Geometric Shapes Boat and Boat-Themed Preschool Learning

Geometric shapes boat activity for kids, plus more boat-themed learning activities for children. Playful learning for preschool-aged children.

Boat themed preschool learning activities for kids

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This week’s book pick for the Virtual Book Club for Kids is Toy Boat by Randall de Sève. You can also read Boats by Byron Barton for this week’s theme. I pulled out this simple geometric shapes activity. Anna loved it as much as once-upon-a-time preschooler Emma had! If you are looking for a felt board, we recommend our hoop felt board, or a simple travel felt board. I also have a more durable travel felt board for especially enthusiastic children.

Geometric Shapes Boat Activity for Kids – With Printable Template

Geometric Shapes Boat
Geometric Shapes Boat Printable

I put together this new geometric shapes template for Emma to use with her felt shapes on her travel felt board back when now-seven-year-old Lily was a newborn! This boat printable was part of an entire series, and you can find other geometric shapes templates here. You can cut the shapes out of cardstock, or cut them out of felt.

Geometric shapes boat activity, plus more boat themed learning for preschoolers

We used felt – one of my favorite materials – for this activity, but cardstock does work just fine. And, as my photos witness, you can build without a felt board. Building right on the template is fine, too!

More Boat-Themed Learning Activities for Kids

Here are some more great boat-themed learning activities for kids:


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Do you have a boat-themed picture book we should read? How about a boat-themed learning activity for kids? Please share any ideas you have on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram. I would love to see photos if you make this geometric shapes boat with your kids! 

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12 thoughts on “Geometric Shapes Boat and Boat-Themed Preschool Learning”

  1. For whatever reason my kids did not really get into building specific shapes with pattern blocks or anything, but they did like building with them in their own way. It’s interesting how personalities will out in projects like this.

  2. @Quadmama – we've been doing these for a while, and Emma always enjoys them. She isn't at a level where she can look at the template and then build it on a felt board by herself, though. She either builds it right on the template, or asks me for help, or uses the shapes to build something of her own design. We use this a lot when we're out, because if she loses a shape or two it's no big deal – I can just cut out some new ones for her when we get home.

  3. You are awesome to put things like this together with a new baby! Glad the weather is gorgeous for you there. :)

  4. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog

    Brilliant! Again!! I love the geometric activities… so much fun and so educational!

  5. These are great. When we move to NY we are obviously going to spend many hrs in the car and these will be perfect for my little man. Thanks

  6. Stephanie Meade Gresham

    When you're not crafting "crafts", you're "crafting" imaginations!

    Still loving your blog, lady. Have a super week.


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